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01 . Will You Be Mine - Bill Campbell & Valerie Harrison 02 . Get Up - Bill Campbell & Valerie Harrison 03 . Your Tender Lip...

Now if you look at some essentials for innovation, there is no formula.
If there was a formula, there would be a lot of companies that have a lot of money that would gone out and bought their ability to innovate.

  1. Scott Diaz - Get Your Music On
    (Vocal Mix) (Connect:d)
  2. Ralf Gum feat. Luther Vandross - Lose My Shine
    (Andrea F. Shiny Mash) (-)
  3. Ministry Of Funk - Money
    (DJ Xpress)
  4. Sasha Alazy - Alright
    (U-Ness & JedSet Remix) (Diamondhouse)
  5. Mustafa feat. Tasita D'Mour - The Boss
    (Supra Nova Dub Mix) (Staff Productions)
  6. Baggi Begovic feat. Haze - Blame
    (Classic Mix) ()
  7. Rober Gaez - Drunkin Preacher
  8. Crazibiza - Eastchester
  9. DJ Mes - TK-421
  10. Exist - 1Beat 2Feet
    (Kaytronik Remix) (Atjazz Record Company)

I think this is great, for kids 0 – 8 years old and maybe some grandpas. Watch talented young dancers/singers perform with skill and learn some Chinese the easy way. It makes me wanna dance, should do the same to you. There is nothing WTF here, just silly and healthy fun.
Thanks to commenters here who explained what it is about. Love.

Horace Andy Dont StopHorace Andy Dont StopHorace Andy Dont Stop