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D Fitzgerald isch e bekannti Interpretun vom Great American Songbook , wo vili vo de beste Songs vo dr amerikanische Unterhaltigsmuusig vo de 1930er bis 1960er Joor umfasst. Iiri Karriere isch 59 Joor lang gsi und in dere Zit het si me as 70 Album uusegee und 40 Millione Exemplar verchauft. Si het 13 Grammy Awards überchoo, d National Medal of Arts vom Ronald Reagan und die Presidential Medal of Freedom vom George H. W. Bush .

Never one to complain, Ella later reflected on her most difficult years with an appreciation for how they helped her to mature. She used the memories from these times to help gather emotions for performances, and felt she was more grateful for her success because she knew what it was like to struggle in life.

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The AllMusic review of the album claimed "What's really great about the Ella and Louis version is Ella, who handles each aria with disarming delicacy, clarion intensity, or usually a blend of both... Pops sounds like he really savored each duet, and his trumpet work – not a whole lot of it, because this is not a trumpeter's opera – is characteristically good as gold. This marvelous album stands quite well on its own, but will sound best when matched with the Ray Charles/Cleo Laine version, especially the songs of the Crab Man, of Peter the Honey Man, and his wife, Lily the Strawberry Woman." [3]

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Ella Fitzgerald Ella In HamburgElla Fitzgerald Ella In HamburgElla Fitzgerald Ella In HamburgElla Fitzgerald Ella In Hamburg