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When the season started fans and pundits alike were falling over themselves to comment on United’s new high-powered, slick style of play. While Nemanja Matic’s addition was rightly lauded as a masterstroke in aiding Pogba to add a new dimension to the side, the Frenchman’s own instincts also helped to bring out the very best in the former Chelsea man.

After the French Revolution , the Napoleonic wars and with industrialization , the division in three estates - nobility, clergy and commoners - had become somewhat outdated. The term "common people" continued to be used, but now in a more general sense to refer to regular people as opposed to the privileged elite.

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For many classical philosophers , nature was understood teleologically , meaning that every type of thing had a definitive purpose which fit within a natural order that was itself understood to have aims. Perhaps starting with Pythagoras or Heraclitus , the cosmos is even said to have reason. [12] Reason, by this account, is not just one characteristic that humans happen to have, and that influences happiness amongst other characteristics. Reason was considered of higher stature than other characteristics of human nature, such as sociability, because it is something humans share with nature itself, linking an apparently immortal part of the human mind with the divine order of the cosmos itself. Within the human mind or soul ( psyche ), reason was described by Plato as being the natural monarch which should rule over the other parts, such as spiritedness ( thumos ) and the passions. Aristotle , Plato's student, defined human beings as rational animals , emphasizing reason as a characteristic of human nature . He defined the highest human happiness or well being ( eudaimonia ) as a life which is lived consistently, excellently and completely in accordance with reason. [13]

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Of course there are other longevity secrets shared by the most elder. Lifestyle is the most important factor in determining not only how long you live, but the quality of your long life. It turns out the people from a small island off the coast of Japan, Okinawa, have figured out a secret recipe for living to be more than 100 years old. Some of their secrets:

Too embarrassed the next morning even to talk about it, Ennis and Jack dismiss their sexual encounter as a “one-shot deal” and part company at the end of the sheepherding job. Ennis marries his fiancée Alma (Michelle Williams, Ledger’s real-life girlfriend) while Jack marries female rodeo rider and prom queen Lureen (Anne Hathaway). Each family has children.

Product Of Reason Man Of Your DreamsProduct Of Reason Man Of Your DreamsProduct Of Reason Man Of Your DreamsProduct Of Reason Man Of Your Dreams