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Huston often directed films with the theme of a disparate group on a quest/search for wealth, ., The Maltese Falcon (1941) , The Asphalt Jungle (1950) , Beat the Devil (1953) , The Kremlin Letter (1970) , and The Man Who Would Be King (1975) . This was Huston's first post-war film. One of the film's posters clarified the theme: "The Nearer They Get to Their Treasure, the Farther They Get From the Law!"

The labels used during 1963-1968 were the same as had been used since 1957. There is some notation in collectors' books that a transition label was used with only the information on the bottom of the label changed, to "A Division of Paramount Pictures" on the bottom, but we have not seen this label. Indeed, we have seen albums with the Paramount logo on the jacket and the old Dot label inside. If anyone has one of these transition labels, we would appreciate hearing from you.

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This itinerary about Sri Lanka has a little bit of everything: history, temples, beaches forests and most importantly Sri Lanka’s hill country. No doubt Sri Lanka has an amazing coastline, thus spectacular beaches; but it is the middle part of this country that took our breath away.

The Drifters Ill Take You Where The Musics PlayingThe Drifters Ill Take You Where The Musics PlayingThe Drifters Ill Take You Where The Musics PlayingThe Drifters Ill Take You Where The Musics Playing