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Square doesn't get very high marks for the way it handles funding and deposits. The company deducts fees prior to deposits, which hinders cash flow, and it caps deposits for card-not-present businesses.

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I called that so long ago.
I was either expecting a second season pass or a full priced expansion pack. (Either one I’m honestly fine with)

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MR Came as specified. Looks and feels sturdy Reviewed by:  Joshua Miller from North Carolina. on 12/3/2017 5 / 5 Boater If you need to replace the posts these are the ones to get no question. And, this is best source I have found for them. They offer other trailer parts that I have purchased as well. Fast and accurate shipping with great prices these guys have their act together. Reviewed by:  WK in Jax from Jax FL. on 11/21/2017 5 / 5 Very Well Made I bought these posts as replacements for galvanized posts which lasted only two years in occasional salt water use. I thought they were a little expensive, but they are very strong and look like they will last forever. Used my old galvanized hardware and PVC though eventually I'll probably upgrade that with the SS stuff from Sturdybuilt. Very good posts! Reviewed by:  R. M. Williams from Houston, TX. on 10/8/2017 5 / 5 Customer Excellent service and delivery from Sturdy Built. The aluminum guide-ons are of highest quality and fit perfectly. We will really enjoy them. So much better than guide-ons available in stores. We will be proud to show them off. Reviewed by:  Wayne Goiffon from Lake Elmo, MN. on 9/2/2017 5 / 5 Great Product As others have said, these posts are wonderful. One of our old galvanized ones started leaning on the way home up I-75. We secured it with ropes and immediately ordered a new pair. Both old posts were completely eaten up with rust on the inside. We used the existing hardware, since the bolts were the right size and were still good. Love the fast shipping! Reviewed by:  K. Padgett from FL. on 8/12/2017 5 / 5 Shoulda bought them sooner! After the flimsy galvanized post I previously had on my boat trailer decided to disentigrate from rust as I was traveling down the highway, I opted to purchase the aluminum guide-on post and two sets of stainless u-bolt kits from . My only problem is, why the hell didn't I buy them sooner. Don't waste money on the ratty Smith brand galvanized guide on posts. Both posts on my trailer rusted in two in less than a year. Its like they say; "You get what you pay for". These are top notch, and it only took me 30 minutes to install them on my trailer. Thats including drilling new mounting holes in the aluminum trailer frame. Reviewed by:  D Lott from Cuero, Texas. on 7/2/2017 5 / 5 none The replacement guide pole is exactly as described, fits perfectly and mounts perfectly.. Couldn't ask for a better product.. and the price is unbelievable compared to other distributors. Reviewed by:  Glenn Walker from SC. on 9/7/2016 5 / 5 Guide post Perfect for,no need to worry about rust Reviewed by:  Doug Hoover from Charleston .. on 8/31/2016 5 / 5 Guide on poles Fit perfect. Nice quality, aluminum, matches my trailer. The other ones I had were steel and rusted at the 90 degree bend. The way it was bent it had a little "cup" if you will, at the bend that collected water and rusted out over the years. These aluminum ones don't have that cup, the bend is done differently, it nice and smooth so water just shears off and doesn't collect. Nice job sturdy built. Reviewed by:  Mike from Orlando. on 4/11/2016 5 / 5 Nice product These guide poles are an excellent alternative to steel especially in salt water. They are strong and look great. I did have to cut them down a bit and grind down some sharp edges. I would recommend to the manufacturer that they put the tabs on the outside of the poles and round the edges to ensure if they do come in contact with the boat it will not be scratched. Overall I am very happy with the product. Reviewed by:  TODD P. from South Florida. on 3/3/2016 5 / 5 boat owner Nice sturdy product just as described. Would be perfect fit if they could be 4" taller for my application. Reviewed by:  Rick from Jacksonville. on 9/8/2015 5 / 5 Happy Customer! The guide came in fast and was the best price I found. Searched Amazon and eBay. Easy install since it replaced a rusted out galvanized guide. Very solid piece. Thank you! Reviewed by:  Dustin from Virginia. on 8/20/2015 5 / 5 Aluminum Guide Posts Excellent quality replacement for old rusting galvanized steel guide posts. Will probably replace guide posts on second boat trailer I own. Would highly recommend this product. Reviewed by:  Juan from Miami. on 7/21/2015 5 / 5 Quality Guides Guides are very sturdy. I replaced galvanized steel and these are just as strong. This is the second set I have bought from here. The little welded tab that stops the PVC pipe has very sharp corners, but 30 seconds with an angle grinder fixed it. Reviewed by:  WC from Merritt Island FL. on 6/28/2015 5 / 5 New Guide on poles Used these to replace the galvanized metal ones on my magic tilt trailer. Surprised they would use galvanized on an aluminum chassis. Delivery right on time. Product installed easily with new ss steel brackets and I found the quality of the aluminum to be first rate. Hope to get many years use from these. Reviewed by:  Glenn from Florida. on 6/2/2015 5 / 5 Mr Exactly as described, prompt shipping pleasure to do business with Reviewed by:  W Till from Ct . on 6/2/2015 5 / 5 Owner I ordered the guide and matching ubolts after 5PM on a Friday. Monday morning I had a conformation and by about 10AM Wednesday morning the installation was complete. The only thing that could have made it better is if they sent a tec to install it for me. VERY satisfied Reviewed by:  Cap from Ozark, Al. on 4/15/2015 5 / 5 starman363 Product arrived quickly, easy to install. My only concern is how the aluminum holds up to galvanized. I live in a coastal area that has 5 to 7' tide change. The current really moves, I have bumped the galvanized uprights for 5 yrs before having to replace them. I like the corrosion aspect of the aluminum to the galv. even washing down the trailer after each use the galv. was starting to rust. To date I am very pleased with this product. Reviewed by:  Douglas Unsworth from South Carolina. on 2/16/2015 5 / 5 Boatowner These are much higher quality than what I originally had ( galvanized and beginning to rust on an otherwise all aluminum trailer) and are extremely good value. I'm glad I found the site. Reviewed by:  Bruce from Vancouver,.. on 12/17/2014 5 / 5 Boat Trailer Square Aluminum Guide on Pole Replacement Exactly what I was looking for with a good price. Would recommend! Reviewed by:  CJB from Galveston, TX. on 11/17/2014 5 / 5 Boat Trailer Square Aluminum Guide on Pole Replacement These aluminium guides are great! Excellent pricing, delivery, and you couldn't ask for more in top notch product quality. My on-line purchase was extremely easy and delivery was fast. I previously had galvanized guides and it seemed that after a short time of incidental flexing, the galvanized coating cracked, trapped moisture, and rusted out the base metal. I am confident these aluminium guides will solve the problem and provide years of use. If there were a sixth Star in the options I'd click it. No more web-searching for me. If I need something the first place I am going is STURDY BUILT Trailer Parts. Reviewed by:  Ted Gitzke from Sanford, Fl. on 10/4/2014 5 / 5 Aluminum Guide on's Mounting was very easy. The product is a good quality and should last a lone time.. Very nice staff of people in the store. Reviewed by:  Vincent Maiorana from Tampa Fl. on 8/2/2014 5 / 5 Aluminum Guide On Poles These aluminum guide on poles are well made and perfect for any aluminum trailer. Why any aluminum trailer manufacturer would use galvanized poles that rot out quickly is a mystery, especially since these poles cost less than many galvanized posts. Great service and fast shipping on this item. Reviewed by:  Ed Kimberley from Miami, Fl.. on 5/19/2014 5 / 5 Great Product Ordered these guides to replace galvanized units that rusted out. Quality looks good and seem to be sturdy and well made. Shipped quickand installation was simple. Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)   Christopher from New Orleans, LA. on 9/13/2013 5 / 5 Mr. A great product that should be standard equipment on all quality aluminum boat trailers. Shipped quickly and installation was simple. Reviewed by:  Don Jett from Ft. Pierce, FL. on 9/11/2013 5 / 5 Boat Trailer Square Aluminum Guide-on Pole Sturdy and well machined. In the picture it looks like the upright angles outward -- it doesn't, it's vertical but it's leaning back against the wall in the picture. I've replaced galvanized guide-ons and L-type bunk brackets with aluminum from Sturdy Built, and have added years to the life of my aluminum trailer. Orders have shipped right away and arrived on time. Great products backed by great service. Reviewed by:  Lawson from Titusville, FL. on 6/8/2013 5 / 5 Consumer Ordered these guides to replace galvanized units that rusted out. Quality looks good and seem to be sturdy and well made. Reviewed by:  Dale from Florida. on 4/18/2012 5 / 5

Square Set Thats What I Want Come OnSquare Set Thats What I Want Come OnSquare Set Thats What I Want Come OnSquare Set Thats What I Want Come On