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Cherokee Nation Queries Current Queries Osiyo! ~ Hello!
KLAUS, TUCKER William Henry TUCKER born Cumberland Gap, TN (date unknown) married Lucy Ann KLAUS (believe she was of Cherokee tribe). They had a son William Jefferson TUCKER born 1/19/1889 (Peoria, IL) and possibly 2 others one Thomas and Dayton. Unsure of other siblings. William Jefferson TUCKER married Mary Georgeanna MURPHY and they had 3 children: William Bryant TUCKER born 8/21/1925 Elma Louise TUCKER born 9/1/1926 Lucy Ann TUCKER born 4/20/1923 William Bryant TUCKER married Mary Agnes PIERCE (nee Williams) 12/6/1947 and they had a son Douglas Jefferson TUCKER born 11/18/48. Any help would be appreciated.
Sandy Tucker
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 26 21:11:34 EDT 1998
HALFORD / WALKER Searching for ancestral family information of Emma Lee WALKER, b. 1866 in Logan County, AR. Married Granville Marion HALFORD b. 1966 Gibson County, TN. Evidence exists of Cherokee ancestry through HALFORDS in Gibson County, TN., Lawrence County, TN., and North Carolina. circa 1795. Moved from Logan County, AR to Van Zandt County, TX circa 1890.
Ashley Waters
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 26 20:17:37 EDT 1998
YOUNG Searching for family and ancestral information of Elizabeth "Lizzie" YOUNG b. Abt 1854, Giles County, TN. Mother also named Elizabeth. Both parents born in TN. Married William W. (Bill) REA (RAY?) b. Abt. 1851 in AL or TN. Children include William Miron Rea b. 1879, Giles County, TN and Eddie REA b. Abt. 1880, Giles County TN. Family moved to Van Zandt County, TX, circa 1890. Possible Cherokee ancestry.
Ashley Waters
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 26 20:09:39 EDT 1
REA I am searching for family and/or ancestral information about William W. (Bill) REA, b. Abt. 1881 in AL or TN. Both parents born in TN. Married Elizabeth "Lizzie" YOUNG b. Abt. 1854, Giles County, TN. Both parents also born in TN. Family lore is compelling evidence of Cherokee ancestry. Children include William Miron REA b. 1879, and Eddie REA b. 1880, Giles County, TN. Family moved to Van Zandt County, TX in circa 1890.
Ashley Waters
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 26 20:03:36 EDT 1998
NICE ANN I am looking for a family name of NICE ANN. This is all I know. I was told she was full blood.
Cathy Hill
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 26 18:53:21 EDT 1998
FOX I am looking for information on my gr gr grandfather Adonigah FOX b. abt 1842 in TN origin unknown. Family history says he may have been of Native American origin. He was a Civil War veteran and moved to Knox Co.,KY where he married Martha LEGER.
Vern Smith
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 26 13:23:59 EDT 1998
MUSKRAT, PARKER, WILEY, SCHRIER LDS Records indicate Saphronia MUSKRAT, a Cherokee woman born in North Carolina in 1748, married Joshua PARKER. Son Jesse, born 1770 married Sarah WILEY. Daughter Sarah Elizabeth married Jesse James SCHRIER, born Nails Creek, Franklin Co., GA in 1794. Family migrated through St. Tammany Parish, LA, to Sabine, TX, pioneers in Cherokee Co. in early 1800s. More recently, a Cherokee woman, also named Saphronia MUSKRAT, is related to James MUSKRAT and Rebecca GALCATCHER. Although separated by nearly 100 years, there may be a relationship between these women. The trail I must follow is long. Any information on these Ancestors is appreciated!
Julie Kosmata Elliott
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 26 12:35:48 EDT 1998
GARNER, WILLIAMS, TRIMBLE, HILL Seeking information on Joseph GARNER, married "Betsey" WILLIAMS on December 24, 1804, in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN. John GARNER, possibly his father or brother, witnessed marriage bond. Daughter Mary Evelyn GARNER married Moses Moffet Edrington TRIMBLE, her sister, Elizabeth GARNER married his brother, Walker Wallace TRIMBLE. Family stories tell of a Cherokee woman, Jane HILL, although we are not sure how she may be related to this line. Another WILLIAMS daughter married HAMPTON. Any information on these individuals is appreciated!
Julie Kosmata Elliott
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 26 12:19:32 EDT 1998
RAGSDALE My grandfather, Thomas James RAGSDALE, was born in Logan Co, Ark in 1880. His parents were John Benjamin( Ark)RAGSDALE and Nancy Ann UNDERWOOD( Ark). His paternal grandparents(by LDS records) were Benjamin( TN, maybe (Hickman Co)RAGSDALE and Caroline( Tn) STOVALL. From other records, I believe that Benjamin's father was William ( NC) who was next to him in 1850 Johnson Co, Ark. William's line goes back to Godfrey in the 'Elijah RAGSDALE' book by Mrs. June Hart WESTER. Thomas married Clara Lee BARNES in Sequoyah Co, . about 1904. They 'separated' or 'divorced' about 1915. He joined the Army in 1918 from Groal, Ok (I have not been able to find where this was located-may be Grove?).He was in Lamar Co, Tx in 1920,shown as 'divorced'. She remarried in Faulkner Co, Ark in 1918 to James Tom POTTS. He moved to El Paso Co,El Paso,Tx after 1920. Thomas died in 1943 in Grant Co, Bayard, NM. I have researched county records and written to all nearby counties to Sequoyah Co, Ok.
Al Ragsdale -- 3547 Valley Circle, Birmingham, AL 35243
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jul 25 16:51:50 EDT 1998
MARTIN Matilda MARTIN married to John (Jack) J. Tidwell, 6 June 1841. Purported to be full Cherokee by family. Looking for Cherokee genealogy.
B. Lehman Williamson
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jul 25 15:40:40 EDT 1998
JORDAN, ROSE, POWELL I have been looking up my g grandfather "Manley" JORDAN and g grandmother Cynthia M. P. POWELL-JORDAN they were married in Cherokee Co. in 1871 her parents were Abraham POWELL & Louiza ROSE-POWELL gg grandparents. Grandpa "Manley" s mother Nancy ? JORDAN is as far as I can go I don`t know gg grandpa ??JORDANS first please help me out if you can??? Thanks. Mary H.
mary hutcheson -- 593, sequatchie,, TN 37374
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jul 25 03:47:12 EDT 1998
LUSTER, KEY Please check for these names in the Cherokee Nation!
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jul 24 22:29:16 EDT 1998
HALL Looking for information on the HALL family....from the Bryson City are of North Carolina and the Cherokee Reservation.....example......Kimsey HALL, Millie Marie HALL, Pearlene HALL, Louis HALL.
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jul 24 22:17:18 EDT 1998
SWEENY I am seeking information on my ggg-grandmother Lucinda SWEENY(full blood Cherokee), born late 1700's. She was married to Benjamin AHL, and was the parents of my gg-grandmother, Nancy AHL, who was married to Alfred Annison SWAFFORD. All members our family are of Cherokee descent and were the first Cherokee's (Old Settlers)to arrive in the Ozarks of northwestern Arkansas, Benton Cty. My ggg-grandfather build Elkhorn Tavern, the site of the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern during the Civil War.
Jimmie Lee ROBINS -- 1512 Riggs Dr, Ponca City, OK 74601
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jul 24 18:27:28 EDT 1998
BUSHYHEAD/ STUART Any information about the family of Jacob "Jake" Bushyhead (STUART) 1798 on Mouse Creek in Bradley Co.,Tn. 's Tallequah Dist. Cherokee Nation, West. His daughter, Mahala (Tsa-wa-yi), was my great- greatgrandmother. She died here in central Georgia 18 August 1872 far from her tribe and family.
Ronnie Ranew -- 508 Pineview Drive, Americus, GA 31709
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jul 24 13:25:17 EDT 1998
TURNER We are looking for the name and history of our great great grandmother. She was a Cherokee and the mother of James TURNER. He came from TN or LA and spent some time in Kansas. He was chased out of KS by Jayhawkers during the Civil War. He went to Ft. Smith, AR. His wife died there and is buried there somewhere. He had two sons Richard ,40, ,14. and Robert. Richard married Lucinda LANE. If you know anything about these people, please write to Barbara Turner, 717 Hamburg Ave., St. Joseph, MO 64505 or e-mail me. Thanks, Barbara
Barbara Turner
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jul 24 13:21:55 EDT 1998
ROBERTS I have been unable to find information about my children's Cherokee heritage and I am looking for any information on Cherokee's with the last name ROBERTS. You can e-mail me at my friends address. Thank You.
Staci Tauscher -- Staci Tauscher 1724 Harrison Ave. , Eureka, CA 95501
Submitted on Fri Jul 24 02:16:53 EDT 1998
OLD MUSH Looking for information on a Native American called "OLD MUSH". Probably in the late 1700's or early 1800's. He could have been associated with the Texas Cherokee and Chief John BOWLES "Niwali" Any information will be appreciated.
Joanna Smith Dunn
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 23 21:36:32 EDT 1998
WILKERSON WILKERSON, John C. and NUNLEY, Editha R., were mar. prior to 1838, and both b. around 1819. Living in DeKalb Co., TN 1838. Editha NUNLEY is descended from NUNLEY family in Warren and Grundy Cos. They moved to MO. (?County) just after 1840, and then to Smith Co., TX in 1850. They both have Cherokee heritage. Editha's father is Archibald (AKA: Archelus) NUNLEY from Warren Co., TN. John's parents are unknown. I would appreciate any lead on their backgrounds. We think John C. WILKERSON came from Virginia. Thanks for any help.
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 23 18:52:41 EDT 1998
SOLOMON There is a brother and sister in my family tree named King and Nancy SOLOMONN. ( Nancy married one of my relatives . a RUSSELL). According to some notes, nothing verified, they were allegedly full-blooded Cherokee . .I'm seeking verification
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 23 00:21:42 EDT 1998
CATES, JOHNSON, BLACK Dr. ?? CATES lived in Cocke County, TN sometime in the mid 1800s, possibly coming from Pennsylvania. Dr. ?? CATES married a Cherokee woman (unknown name) They had at least one child, Dr. John Richard CATES. Dr. John Richard CATES married ??? and had at least three children; Lewis, Dora, and Charles CATES Dr. John Richard CATES married Anise Loretta BLACK (his second wife) Dr. John Richard CATES and Anise Lorreta BLACK had two children, Lola and Zella CATES Zella CATES had a child, Dawn Zella CATES Married Lloyd JOHNSON and had five children Dorothy, Wallace, Roberta, James, and Russell JOHNSON I am the son of James. I am looking for any information at all concerning these folks, particularly the CATES. I would appreciate any instances of these names you might have, particularly about Dr. ??? CATES and his wife!
James Johnson
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 22 19:52:31 EDT 1998
HAYES Both my mother (Matilda Jane HAYES) and father Charles Dewey HAYES) have passed away due to cancer related illnesses. I remember as a boy my mother telling me that my great grandmother was of American Indian descent. I also remember my father telling me the same story. He told me her name was (Belle HAYES) and that she took an English name after she married my great grandfather. They resided in or around Union county. I realize my information is scant, however please lead me in a direction so that I may verify if I have American Indian heritage. Thank you in advance
Ken D. Hayes -- 435 Sherman St., Decatur, AL 35601
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 22 02:40:58 EDT 1998
ROLLINGS I am looking for any infor. on grandparents. All I know is they were in Tenn. Great,Great grandmother Virginia Jane ROLLINGS, son and my great grandfather John Thomas ROLLINGS, believed to be Cherokee, Thank you for help.
Treca McCracken -- 14960 Etowah Rd., Noble, OK 73068
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 22 02:06:54 EDT 1998
LEE/LEA, BALLARD Looking for any information on a Allen LEE/LEA that was a Captain in the "Lookout Rangers" He was mustered into Confederate Service at Nashville, TN November 1, according to MEN FROM MARION COUNTY. Allen and some of his men later served in the 2nd Alabama Cavalry Battalion of which LEA was first Captain and later Major. Allen resigned from the Confederate Army and Enlisted in the Union Army as part of the First TN and AL Independent Vidette Cavalry. Allen reached the rank of Lieutenant. Allen was born Bledsoe County TN. He lived in DeKalb and Jackson County's Alabama. Allen had brothers and sisters that married BALLARDS. GreenBerry LEE - Elizabeth BALLARD, William LEE/LEA III married Melina(sp) BALLARD and Emily LEE/LEA married William Muril BALLARD, then Myra/Mirah LEE/LEA married unknown BALLARD. I strongly Suspect some type of connections with the Indians of this area and/or NorthEast Alabama. Any help would be appreciated. Jerry Stephens [email protected]
Jerry Stephens -- 730 Cherokee Trail, Rossville, , GA 30741
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 21 18:32:32 EDT 1998
HICKS Joseph William HICKS, my great great grandfather was from Bradley Co TN and he was also a printer. I am trying to find out who his parents are. I also believe that he was Cherokee from the all the picture that I have of my family. He was born in 1817. He lived and worked in Bradley Co TN and is also buried there.
Deanna Hicks Burnham
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 21 15:07:43 EDT 1998
BREEDEN, MOORE I am searching for information on my great-great grandmother, Mary Alice BREEDEN. She was born in Knox Co., TN 29 Sep. 1875. She married Andrew Jackson MOORE, I don't know when. He was born in 1860 but I don't know where. He died in 1925 in McDowell Co., WV and is buried in Newhall, McDowell Co., WV. Mary died 28 Nov 1950 in Tishomingo, OK, and is buried in Ravvy Cemetery. Tishomingo is the center of the Chickasaw Nation Headquarters. I do know that Andrew Jackson MOORE was Cherokee Indian. Mary Alice MOORE is listed also but may have been listed as Cherokee simply because of Andrew. Any further information would be greatly appreciated.
Carla Seamans
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 21 12:00:14 EDT 1998
SMITH I am the great great grandson of William Riley SMITH, he or his father was a Cherokee who is said to have taken the name of European people that he worked for. William was born 19 Mar 1829. He married Lucy S. VANDYKE 19 Jan 1854. any information appreciated.
Mark Williams
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jul 20 20:01:22 EDT 1998
STEWART Searching for info. on my grandmother, Julia Charlotte STEWART, she always told us she was full blooded CHEROKEE INDIAN. She was born Sept. 8, 1882, in Hawkins County, TN., married Robert Lee SELF, May 8, 1904, in Persia, TN. Would like to locate name of Julia's parents.
Betty Self
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jul 20 18:51:38 EDT 1998
MCKINNEY, COURSEY Looking for information on a Cherokee woman named Willie Elmus MCKINNEY born 22 Sept 1809. I don't have her parents' or siblings' names or dates. I also don't know where she was born. She died Nov. 1892 and was buried on Duncan's Ridge in Logan County, KY with her husband William COURSEY born 22 March 1808 and died 17 July 1881.
Laura Porter
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 19 23:51:11 EDT 1998
GIBSON, TULLY, COLEMAN, ELLINGTON I am particularly looking for information on individuals belonging to the Cherokee Nation with the surname of ELLINGTON or those related to the ELLINGTON name.
Ann Ellington-Wagner
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 19 21:50:34 EDT 1998
STOKES I am looking for identity of unknown Indian woman who married William STOKES ofeEast Tenn and had at least one child, Vincent (Vincy)Logan STOKES born in 1821. She married Felix HUDSON and lived in Ky. Any record of marriage between William STOKES and ? woman would be helpful.
Judith Beyer
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 19 19:05:32 EDT 1998
WHITT, SKAGGS, HARRISON Looking for connections to WHITT/SKAGGS families of SC, NC, and VA and Native Americans from late 1600s to late 1700s. Looking specifically for Hezekiah WHITT Born: ABT. 1760 in SC and married Rachel (Indian maiden)in 1782 likely in TN, NC, or Tazewell Co VA. Son Griffith WHITT married Martha SKAGGS(also possible mixed Indian heritage)and had several children including daughter named Shone WHITT. Shone is my 5th great grandmother. Also, can anyone tell me if Shone is Indian name, perhaps originally Sho-nee or some variation? It is not a family name or English name.
Ollie Rivers
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 19 15:39:25 EDT 1998
FARRIS, THACKER Eliza Jane FARRIS b. 11 Sep 1827 TN, d. 24 Nov 1897 Baxter Co AR. Her picture and her listing on family pages is "Indian." Parents and siblings unknown. On 9 Sep 1866 at Searcy, AR she m. William James THACKER b. 8 May 1836 in Jilles, TN, d. 25 Aug 1896 at Clarksridge, AR. Four children: Mary THACKER (1867-1890); Harvey THACKER (1869-1929); Elender Margette THACKER (1871-1894); and William Robert THACKER (1873-1952). Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Joyce Willhoit -- 4500 N. Askew Ave, Kansas City, MO 64117
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 19 10:47:53 EDT 1998
MILLIGAN, BROWN Looking for information on Amanda MILLIGAN, born TN 1830. Amanda was the daughter of Noha CARVER. We've only recently learned she was Cherokee and are looking for any information we can find. Her name and picture appear in the "Ocona Lufta Baptist Church, Pioneers of the Smokies" book. Amanda married James Green BROWN. We're also looking for information on him. If any of these people sound familiar, please contact me.
Debra Kyle -- 1738 Timbercreek Dr., Garland, TX 75042
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 19 10:41:59 EDT 1998
LAWSON, ROGERS, HART Looking for Information about Tyra LAWSON, born 1796. He is shown as being born in Virginia. Information from a Miller Roll said his father was George ROGERS of Hawkins Co. Tenn. His mother was Sally LAWSON. His paternal grand father was William ROGERS. His maternal grand father was John LAWSON. Both grand fathers were cousins and were members of the Cherokee Nation in North Carolina. Also the Miller Roll stated John LAWSON and William ROGERS were related to the Indian Dr. FOREMAN. Tyra married Mary(polly) HART in 1820 in Roane Co. Tenn. He used the name of Tyra Rogers at that time. In 1826 he received 3 land grants in McMinn Co. Tenn. He died in McMinn Co. Tenn. The only time I have seen him use the name of ROGERS was at his marriage. The rest of his life he used his mother's name of LAWSON.
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 19 00:10:07 EDT 1998
HACKWORTH Looking for information on the HACKWORTH surname associated with the Cherokee Nation
Alan Shirley
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jul 18 22:44:49 EDT 1998
KITE, LYNCH Seeking information leading to the identity of my wife's Grandmother. She was born July location unknown, possibly in Georgia, Virginia or Florida. Her name, Martha Jane Paralee KITE, parents unknown. Family info. states that she was one fourth Cherokee. She never knew her parents. Believed to be living with grandparents, John & Sarah LYNCH in Madison county Alabama in 1850. Went to Texas Abt. 1860. Married James Madison HARVEY by 1867. Any info. concerning this lady prior to 1870 would be appreciated.
William R. Phillips -- 18002 Wild Oak Dr., Houston , TX 77090
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jul 18 17:51:11 EDT 1998
DEWBERRY, LOYD I am looking for a Frances Jane LOYD who married William Marion DEWBERRY in the 1800's. I have been told she was full blooded Cherokee. Her father was Jehu LOYD.
Johnna Eaton
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jul 18 06:32:09 EDT 1998
RYDER, MILES Looking for any information on Annie RYDER, b. Apr. 11, 1884 d. June 5, 1967. Her Mother was Mattie b. , 1857. Annie was my husband's ggrandmother, and we always heard she was full-blooded Cherokee. She married William Jacob MILES. Both from Roane Co., TN. Any information would be appreciated. Ginny Gore Miles 3106 Priest Woods Dr. Nashville, TN. 37214
Ginny Gore Miles
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jul 17 23:24:25 EDT 1998
NUNLEY I am looking for researchers who are working on NUNLEY. John NUNLEY, b. ca. 1765, NC, m. -?- (Reportedly a Cherokee Indian woman.) Their son (of several), Amanuel or Emanuel NUNLEY born ca. 1793, m. Catherine -?- and had: Robert Levi NUNLEY born ca. 1820, in Tn, m. Rachel TATE, born ca. 1821, in Tn. I am primarily looking for the name of John NUNLEY's wife and dates. I will enter into dialog with interested researchers.
John D. SISSOM -- 1312 Corvair Court, Kokomo, IN 46902-2531
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 16 23:28:03 EDT 1998
BROWN, ERWOOD Looking for information on Samuel Jackson BROWN who married Texana EARWOOD, a Cherokee Indian. Unable to find any history on Texana. Samuel J. was postmaster in Evensville, Tennessee and raised strawberries which the family sold commercially. They had several children; son Luther was my grandfather; married Goldie APPLEGATE, lived in Dayton, Ohio. One son owned a lumber company in Dayton, Tennessee. Son Clinton moved to Dayton, Ohio. Would love to be able to trace Texana. Also have heard her referred to as Laurel Beaver. Samuel and Texana are buried in a Smyrna Cemetery at Evensville, Tennessee, cemetery across the road from a Baptist church which she attended. Also cannot find information in Samuel J.'s father, who supposedly died at Andersonville prison camp. Thanks for any help! Looking for information on Texana EARWOOD. She married Samuel Jackson BROWN and they lived in Evensville, Tennessee. We are unable to find any records on her parents. Believe she was adopted by a white family.
Betty Wells -- 8510 Moffett Road, Piqua, OH 45356
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 16 21:40:14 EDT 1998
REDMAN I am looking for my great grandmother, Millie REDMAN, a Cherokee lady, born in 1854 and died 1917. She married my great grandfather, Henry I. REEVES, born 1855 and died 1926. Last word was that she was living in Oklahoma. Any help greatly appreciated.
Everette P REEVES -- 2526 E La Cienega Dr, Tucson, AZ 85716-1506
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 16 18:54:13 EDT 1998
STIL(L)WELL, KIRKLAND My 3G Grandmother, Rebecca S. KIRKLAND (1808 NC-1891 TN) is believed to have been a daughter of John Jackson (1780-NC-) & Sarah SHELTON KIRKLAND. John Jackson is believed to have been a son of the Cherokee Chief, Nathan KIRKLAND (1750-1851 TN). My 3G Grandfather, John M. STILLWELL (1800 NC-1882 TN) married Rebecca KIRKLAND in Macon & moved into Monroe in the year 1850. I would be most grateful for any information regarding this couple & Rebecca's connection to this KIRKLAND family. Thanks
Berna Stillwell
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 16 18:07:08 EDT 1998
LAWSON, POTTS Looking for my Cherokee heritage. my great grandfather was Wiley Preston LAWSON -12-1856 -16-1926 (son of Hodge Calloway LAWSON and Elizabeth LAWSON)m(1)Lydia Ann FIELDS m(2)Frances Ann Rebecca POTTS -28-1872 -28-1954 (dau. of Thomas Benjamin POTTS and Mary Jane SPITZER). I believe they were from Hawkins before moving to MO any information is helpful. I also heard there may be some Shawnee heritage as well. Thanks!
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 16 16:40:42 EDT 1998
MOORE Lucy Ann MOORE was from Indian Springs, GA. County of Butts. Lucy Ann MOORE married a man with the last name of MADDOX. She came to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears. Please help me find my native heritage. I feel I don't belong anywhere.
Kelly Stoner -- 501 Belmont Rd., Grand Forks, ND 58201
Submitted on Thu Jul 16 16:22:41 EDT 1998
KNIGHT, JENKINS Looking for information on Rebecca JENKINS KNIGHT. She was said to be full blooded Cherokee by the family. She married Newt KNIGHT, I,m not sure where? Their son Elster M. KNIGHT was born in 1885 in Macon Co. Tn. He married Laura B. LOVELADU in Macon Co. in 1907. Thank you for any help you can give me.
Mary Knight
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 16 13:34:54 EDT 1998
ALLAFAIR/ALLIFAIRE, POLK ALLIFAIRE, ALLAFARE, POLK. I am looking for information on Lavinia ALLIFARE. My grandfather said his grandfather went to Tennessee with his brother and they brought back two Indian girls as their brides. My grandfather was born in 1904. I suppose that puts this link in the mid-1800's. My grandfather was born in Prentis, Mississippi. He was over 6' tall with large cheekbones and large hands...but sky blue eyes. He was also Scotch/Irish. Any information on this name will be gratefully appreciated.
Marsha Kemp -- 2051, Clinton, LA 70722
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 16 09:06:15 EDT 1998
RAINWATER, DEAN I am looking for Sophia RAINWATER, William Jackson DEAN or Barney DEAN was said to have been in the Virginia Shenandoah Valley region. We have found them on the Hester Roll. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Carol McKay -- 100 Mckay Drive, Cleveland, GA 30528
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 16 08:32:37 EDT 1998
BABB, WEAVER, MAXEY I am seeking information on two brothers taken who walked the Trail of Tears as young boys and later joined the US Calvary. They were given white names William M. BABB and Walter BABB. They were taken out of North Carolina to Oklahoma. My husband's family states that there is one in the family who are of Cherokee descent. They are not sure who. Last names would be MAXEY OR WEAVER. Thank you in advance for your help.
Kathy Weaver -- P. O. Box 738, Cuero, TX 77954
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 16 04:43:01 EDT 1998
SMITH, WHEELER Am Searching for info on Samuel W. SMITH, 5/8/1868 or Lizzie , 1/22/1873. One of them is of Cherokee descent. They were married 3/26/1889 and had a daughter, Mary Dallas SMITH, 9/12/ was my grandmother and we know she received a letter offering land in Oklahoma. They were from E. TN. Any help is appreciated.
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 16 00:30:48 EDT 1998
ALLEN, TRIPLETT, Looking for info on Albert A. ALLEN (born Dec 1858 TN), father William L. ALLEN (born 1817 in NC), mother Hannah W ? (born 1819 in NC). Believe Hannah to have had Native Indian heritage, but not sure. Albert married Martha Ann TRIPLETT (b. 01 Nov 1857 in TN) 17 June 1886. Trying to find info on Martha Ann parents and origin. Believe these ALLENs were in/around the Benton/Houston/Humphreys/Montgomery/Stewart county areas mid-1800.
Ken Allen -- 4349 Aaron Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78413
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 15 22:39:10 EDT 1998
BULLOCK Delilah BULLOCK was my great great grandmother and we are trying to find out when and where she was born. All we know for sure is that she was full blooded Cherokee and that she married James HOUSTON in White county Tenn....
Jennifer Woodard -- 2416 Harding Ave., Dayton , OH 45414
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 15 22:35:39 EDT 1998
COE I am trying to find out if the COE family were Cherokee. I have an ancestor Uriah CASEY that received Indian land in Arkansas. His mother's name before marrying into the CASEY family was COE. I believe she was married to a COE and her maiden name was FOX. There were at least two brothers but neither got Indian land. They bought it. There would be a Wesley (or West Lake) COE also in the family. Any help in understanding the Indian land claim would be appreciated. Uriah's wife name was Jane - no last name known.
Norma Holland
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 15 20:00:24 EDT 1998
BENNETT, HENDERSON I am looking for any information on my G G G Grandfather BENNETT, Noah and his wife HENDERSON, Esther. The information I have is they were born in the Nashville area about 1780 and lived with Cherokees. They moved to SE Missouri prior to 1809. Thank you George Bennett
George R Bennett -- 1029 NE Knights CT, Bremerton, WA 98311
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 15 19:13:35 EDT 1998
STARR, REEVES, TRAMWELL Am seeking any information on Lewis STARR born about 1785, married Mary REEVES. Lewis' parents were James STARR and Sarah TRAMWELL. I believe that Sarah TRAMWELL was 1/4 or 1/2 Cherokee. Lewis and Mary are enumerated in 1840 and 1850 Cannon County census with children: Sarah, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, Thomas, Lewis D., Josefine, and Ruth. Sarah STARR married Aaron HUTCHINS May 15, 1841 Cannon County.
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 15 12:36:33 EDT 1998
DANIELS Looking for information on Ede Sultani DANIELS, full-blood Cherokee Indian b. 1835 in Paris, Henry County Tenn.
Bonnie Butterfield -- 11842 Beverly Ct., Loma Linda, CA 92354
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 14 20:56:17 EDT 1998
ODOM/OLDHAM Searching for information on my Great Grandfather George ODOM. The story told is, he was born on the Trail of Tears of a Cherokee Indian mother, GeeGow (don't know the spelling), and an Indian agent OLDHAM? My Great Grandfather was born in the 1870's and married my Great Grandmother Nancy Luiza TOMERLIN of Pulaski, Giles Co., TN. His Grandson Skeeter (Grey Otter) VAUGHN was an Actor and Chief of the Cherokee Tribe in California. Any information will be appreciated.
Stephanie Arrington -- 1631 Brighton Ave., Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 14 20:50:42 EDT 1998
GARNER, QUEEN, BUTLER I am trying to find my Indian heritage, I have always been told that I was part Indian, so if anyone can give any information on these surnames, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
Erna Florida -- 1511 . E Avenue, Lawton, OK 73501
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 14 00:50:52 EDT 1998
JOHNS, OWENS, GREEN GREEN, Mary, supposedly born on the reservation in the 1800's Married to .. OWEN or OWENS. These to be the parents of Frances (OWENS) JOHNS who died in Hamilton Cty 1937. Death cert. file # for Frances JOHNS is 1243. I'm searching for info on any of the following... Frances JOHNS is my Grandmother on my motherr' side.
Lonnie W. Johnson
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jul 13 16:15:06 EDT 1998
BOUNDS Can anyone help me with the origin of the surname BOUNDS. I have old photographs of Cherokee relatives, but all those who who can help me are gone. I'm new at this - please help.
K. Scarbrough
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jul 13 16:09:53 EDT 1998
CRABTREE I'm looking for my Grandfather's and Grandmother's, Noble F. CRABTREE m. Silver BARNET s/o George W. CRABTREE m. Lucy Anne CAROL or CARROLL s/o James CRABTREE m. Abby NERO. Abby is a Creek Indian, her father is Willaim NERO m. Nancy ? of Alabama. This all the information I have . Any information would help. Thanks
Laura Richards
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jul 13 15:25:36 EDT 1998
MAYES, SPIRIT, SNELL, ADAIR Samuel MAYES, b. 1803, had 3 spouses, Nancy ADAIR, Annie SPIRIT, MAYES, SNELL, and Lucinda (unknown last name). I may have traced him back 6 more generations. I am working on his descendant book, Samuel MAYES, Father of Chiefs. I need all his descendants info. If you are one, please email. Need your direct line with children, spouses, etc. of each couple, and prefer. note on where info. obtained. If unsure on date, place, name, please put in < >. Samuel had 22 children. Some had same first names. Many records, books, give inaccurate info. I obtained his census in AR which states he was born in GA. Jeanette Pope Jensen [email protected]
Jeanette Pope Jensen
[email protected]
Submitted on Mon Jul 13 04:36:57 EDT 1998
BROWN, ROSENBALM Need information on the following family [prob. Johnson or nearby county]: Lindsey and Sarah --?-- BROWN, parents of Pheobe H. BROWN, dob 6-30-1840, died 2-8-1919, married James ROSENBALM 11-28-1867 in Washington Co., VA. Other children of Lindsey and Sarah BROWN were Rebecca Jane, Susanah, Eliza, Wiley, Nancy. Phoebe likely had a second husband as James died 17 years before her death. Phoebe was the mother [or step-mother]of Sarah Louise, Alice, Jeff, Frank, Racheal Rebecca, Thomas, and Mattie. Any info greatly appreciated and need to know what tribe of Native America's the BROWN family were members of.
Rebecca Beeman Shumaker
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 12 23:00:13 EDT 1998
MADDEN, LEGER My great great great grandmother was Rachel MADDEN, she married Peter LEGER in 1808 in TN. According to the Dawes Commission she was Cherokee and this is also according to family records. I would like more information about Rachel MADDEN. Her census card # D225, National Archives-Southwest Region.
Mary Leger Littlejohn -- 831 Scott Way, Los Alamos, NM 87544
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 12 21:33:11 EDT 1998
COLLIER, SIMS, GEORGE I need info. on the following people: James COLLIER, Emma GEORGE, Rosa COLLIER, Louisa COLLIER(Lou), Noah COLLIER, Burley P. SIMS, Carl SIMS, George SIMS, and Lou SIMS (female). James COLLIER (born in Oct. 1859) married Emma GEORGE in Lake County Jan. 21, 1886. James COLLIER is in the 1900 census (Lake County) with his three children (Rosa COLLIER, Louisa COLLIER (Lou), Noah COLLIER). Louisa COLLIER married Burley P. SIMS on Jul. 17, 1911 in Lake County and had three children: George SIMS (Aug. 1915), Carl SIMS (Oct. 1916), and a daughter, Lou SIMS (Dec. 1918). Rosa COLLIER was murdered in 1922 in Tennemo, by her second husband Finis JOINER. We believe Rosa COLLIER was either Cherokee or Chickasaw indian and have not been able to find a death certificate or info. on her first husband. My grandmother is Rosa COLLIER's daughter. She witnessed the murder of her mother and was placed in an orphanage at age six. She has been trying to get info. and find her relatives for years. Any help would be appreciated
Julie Heck
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 12 19:31:06 EDT 1998
ADAMS John . ADAMS called "levi" was on 1850 census in this county. His father's name was William. He married Elizabeth McALLISTER, nickname "Winnie". I am trying to tie this ancestry into the Cherokee Nation. Anyone with any help? Please contact me. The family supposedly migrated from Georgia or N. Carolina. Thanks,
Perry K. Parsons -- . Box 2236, State University, AR 72467-2236
[email protected]
Submitted on Sun Jul 12 13:04:01 EDT 1998
PUGH/PUE, HATMAN Searching for ancestors of Cherokee , Sarah PUGH or PUE, b: Mar1854 in Izard Co AR, d: 1924 in AR. My James (Jim) HATMAN, b: 1850 in MO. They were married Mar 1870 in Fulton Co, Pilot Hill, AR
Earlene Simmons -- 6408 Saddleback Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73150
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jul 11 19:57:34 EDT 1998
DIFFEE, MATHIS Searching for ancestors of my Cherokee , Martha DIFFEE and her husband, Francis A. MATHIS. She did not know the month she was born so took her husbands birth day/month as 13 April 1827 in TN. MATHIS was born 13 April 1825 in . They married 9May1845 in . Children are Mary Ann, Tina Ann, Margaret C, Sarah Noveda, Nancy F, William C, Martha E, Amy Lou, Jordan Cornelious, and Robert B.
Earlene Simmons -- 6408 Saddleback Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73150
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jul 11 19:27:21 EDT 1998
MAJORS, BOWERS Seeking information about Mary Catherine Polly MAJORS, b. 1841 in TN. She married John BOWERS in 1857 in Grainger Co., TN. She is believed to have been one-half Cherokee. They had six children, most of whom were born in Grainger Co., TN. She died about 1872, whereabouts unknown. John BOWERS was born in 1837, probably in Grainger Co., TN. At some point after 1870 (uncertain whether it was before or after Mary's death), family moved to OK Indian Territory.
Robert Strong
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jul 11 16:13:50 EDT 1998
PARDEE, CUNNINGHAM Looking for Indian heretage of Miles PARDEE b. 4/30/1789? and married 9/21/1853 to Tennessee C. LANUE b. 11/15/1832. Had 5 children - Rachel Mahetable b. 12/5/1855, Lacy Jane b. 12/17/1857, Mary E. b. 9/3/1862, Miles Tuttle b. 9/15/1860 or 66, Montgomery T. b. 1/22/1870. Rachel married 12/12/1875 to . CUNNINGHAM /26/1853
Marge Frech
[email protected]
Submitted on Sat Jul 11 01:15:42 EDT 1998
JAMES My great great grandmother was Mary Elizabeth JAMES born in 1835 in Bedford Co, VA. She died in 1873 in Texas. Her father was Joel Leftridge JAMES born 1811 (bp unknown) and died 1875 in TX. Her mother was Angelina RYON (died at age 94) daughter of Jamie RYON and Jewel W. Angeline (I have no bd or bp info on them). Mary Elizabeth JAMES married Isaac Phillips RAY born 1835 in Raywick, Marion Co, KY. He was disinherited by his father and his maternal grandfather, supposedly because he married Mary Elizabeth JAMES, who was part Cherokee. She also was related to Frank and Jesse JAMES, but she married before they were infamous. Her marriage date was 10-3-1859 in Bonham, TX. I have no proof of this -- just the family story, and would like to find some evidence. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Rebecca Smith -- . Box 33176, Kerrville, TX 33176-3176
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jul 10 23:28:00 EDT 1998
NORTHINGTON, FOWLER Searching for anything in regard to NORTHINGTON's (FOWLER is one generation later), obviously not original Cherokee names, but adapted through assimilation, etc. Know little else at this point, but that the NORTHINGTON's of three generations ago were full blooded Cherokee and eventually migrated to Arkansas. Having difficulty finding records for them.
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jul 10 19:26:25 EDT 1998
BLACK, RIGGS Mary BLACK RIGGS. She married James Taylor BYLER approx 1833. Her mothers maiden name was BLACK. Her mother was believed to be 100% Native American. Would like to know any information that can be found on the lines of Mary BLACK RIGGS.
Nelson Parks Jr
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jul 10 12:20:23 EDT 1998
WILSON My great granfather, Clarence WILSON was the grandson of Swimmer. I would like to know if he was on the Cherokee rolls.
Craig Browne -- 11 Plaza Road, Wappinger, NY 12590
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jul 10 11:44:53 EDT 1998
BIGBEE Looking for Cherokee Indian roots of Jack BIGBEE. Jack had at least3 wives, one was Catherine DAGLEY of Boman, Texas, another named Bell. know the names and sons Bud, Edd, and Jess, don't know the rest of their names. He left Tennessee for Dennison Tx. in the early 1800's. Jack had a son Charles Moore BIGBEE, who fathered Arthur Doyle BIGBEE in 1894. Arthur lived in Granite and Lawton, Okla. Please send info by snail mail, my email isn't so good. Linda Farley, 7421 Sage Oak, San Antonio, Tx 78230
Linda Farley -- 7421 Sage Oak, San Antonio, TX 78233
[email protected]
Submitted on Fri Jul 10 02:15:28 EDT 1998
ALSOP Looking for anyone who knows anything about Betsey ALSOP. She was married to Joel ALSOP. She had a son named Robert, with Henry PATRICK of Va. Looking for her maiden name and her possible Indian descent. Thank You,
Amber Doolin
[email protected]
Submitted on Thu Jul 9 21:29:33 EDT 1998
DUPREE I am searching for my great great grandmother, named Nancy DUPREE, she was full blooded Cherokee Indian. She married a William or Alonzo Dow BURRUS, he was a full blooded Irishmen that came from Ireland. I have been told that they lived in Missouri or Kentucky about 1835. Her last name may have been spelled DUPRE, DUPREA, any help would be welcome. Thank you
Christine Reager
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 8 23:40:23 EDT 1998
HOWELL Looking for birth records of Larkin HOWELL. Born 1881 or 1882. Possibly of Native American descent. Any help would be appreciated,Thank You William Troy Howell
William Troy Howell
Submitted on Wed Jul 8 23:06:47 EDT 1998
FOUTS We are trying to find the father of Walter Winfied FOUTS (my grandfather) who was born in/around Claremore, OK approx 1870 to a Cherokee father and white mother. Mother took child to St. Joe, MO and father kidnapped and returned child to the reservation. Walter settled as an adult in Russell, KY and gave his girls Indian names. Trying to trace Native American family roots and uncover secrets of Indian heritage. Many FOUTS tombstones identified in Claremore cemetery but no proof of true roots. Any help appreciated.
Tim Fouts
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 8 23:05:39 EDT 1998
COKER, BASS, KNIGHT, LANCE COKER and BASS is on my father's side. His name is Mathel KNIGHT. LANCE is my mothers. We know that we have a lot of Cherokee. I am trying to find out how much, etc as I may be eligible for membership in the Cherokee Nation.
Jessica Knight -- 21 Tremont St, Sharpsburg, GA 30277
Submitted on Wed Jul 8 21:37:59 EDT 1998
FORD, FEATHER, HUGHS,LUCAS, Looking for information on my gggg grandfather John FORD, and half brother Alexander FEATHER aka HUGHS. Their mother was a full Cherokee Indian, her son Alexander was full Cherokee. She married a white man and had John FORD. John was living in Nickerjack Marion Co TN in 1832 When Alexander FEATHER HUGHS, his son George HUGHS, and John's son Clement Clay FORD. went to Indian Territory in 1832, Clement stayed 2-3 yrs. left to go back to Nickerjack, Marion Co TN, which is now spelled Nickajack. Alexander FEATHER HUGHS stayed and died in what is OK. now. His son George HUGHS stayed and had a family, a son by the name of . HUGHS or George. W. HUGHS, they are Cherokee Indian living in Oklahoma. HUGHS would had passed on sometime in 1900-1915, due to Clement Clay FORD's daughter Martha A. FORD "Raley", stayed with . HUGHS. and family they were 1st cousins. He wrote in a affidavit filed Sept. 8-1896, that Martha was half Cherokee and her Mother Ann LUCAS "FORD" was a full Choctaw Indian that made M
[email protected]
Submitted on Wed Jul 8 19:01:00 EDT 1998
NICHOLS, HOWELL Hi, my gggrandfather was William NICHOLS born in the USA about 1790 onwards. My grandfather, Howard Earl NICHOLS was born in Iowa in 1834. Etta Henrietta HOWELL married William NICHOLS. John NICHOLS(son of Howard NICHOLS)was told that William NICHOLS was Cherokee Indian. Trying to find records. Interested to know if there is any birth records/death records/marriage records for him or if anyone has any information on these NICHOLS'. Thanks.
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 7 20:56:02 EDT 1998
BATTLES, GORDON, LAWSON, ROSS I am looking for the siblings, parents, grandparents, etc... of my ggrandmother Queen Victoria BATTLES /3/1853 in Jackson Co.,. /20/1939 in Cleveland, TN. Joshua GORDON /10/1845 in Polk Co TN. /16/1916 in Cleveland, TN. Victoria is suppose to be full blood Cherokee. Also looking for same info. on my gggrandmother Elizabeth ROSS in TN. in . Elizabeth is suppose to be Cherokee. Also looking for same info. on my grandfather William Talyor LAWSON 1800's Oma GORDON /31/1891 in Tasso, TN. Both are suppose to be Cherokee. Any help from anyone will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Sherrie Winstead [email protected]
Sherrie Winstead -- 2456, Newnan, GA 30264
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 7 14:53:41 EDT 1998
SKYLES/SKILES, BORCHERDING Looking for info on Matilda SKILES who married Henery BORCHERDING in Missouri. They had children: Christopher, Josie, Louis, Annie, Ieula, Augusta (Gusty), and Leonard. Matilda was at least 1/2 Cherokee. They were living around St. Louis or ST. Charles in the 1860's. Thanks!!! Will be glad to share what I have....
Kim Gribble -- Kim Gribble Rt 1 box 51BB, Ardmore, OK 73401
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 7 13:13:06 EDT 1998
ELLIOT "Sarah" was a young girl, age 5-6, on the Trail of Tears. She lost her parents (names unknown) on the Trail. She was raised by the tribe and later adopted by a family by possibly the name of CARGLE/CARGIL or LIVINGSTON. She married a man, probably in Arkansas, named John ELLIOT(T). In 1855, Sarah and John ELLIOT had a daughter in Arkansas named Addie Ara ELLIOT. John ELLIOT was possibly killed in the Civil War. Addie married George Riley SMITH in Ark. His parents came from Alabama. Sarah and possibly John, were Cherokee. I have pictures of Addie, and she is unquestionably Native American. George and Addie are buried here in OK. They are my gg-grandparents. Sarah was my ggg-gm. Any help with her story would be greatly appreciated. The name BENTON may also be pertinent. Addie named a daughter, Beulah Benton SMITH, who was born in TX in 1884. Beulah married John Calvin BUCKLEY. My grandmother always told us we had a "Roll Number", but this info has been lost. I don't really care about the
Kim Gribble -- Kim Gribble box 51BB, Ardmore, OK 73401
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 7 12:59:39 EDT 1998
HIGGENBOTHAM, COLLIER, FERGUSON Family legend: Two white brothers (either HIGGINBOTHAM'S or COLLIER'S) married two Cherokee sister's to prevent them from being forced on the Trail of Tears in Warren Co. TN. These ancestors, from what I can figure, were probably Samuel E. HIGGINBOTHAM (born 4-1811) who married Margaret FERGUSON (born approx, 1817-and one of the Cherokee sisters ??). They are listed in the 1850 census with children: Mary, John, Aaron, Andrew, Francis, and Sarah. Francis grew up and married Robert COLLIER. They are burried in OK. Their son, Claude was my ggf. His daughter, Seleta, (my gm) told me this story. Margaret's nickname was probably Peggy...because Papa (Claude) used to say, "You are as brown as my Indian gm, Peggy". Can anyone help validate this family story? I need to know which clan my ggg-gm belonged to. Thanks!
Kim Gribble -- Kim Gribble Rt. 1 box 51BB, Ardmore, OK 73401
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 7 12:31:31 EDT 1998
LEATHERS Westwind LEATHERFACE . 1775 changed name to West LEATHERS..children are Westley, John, Ray, Alfred (Alf) Lou-eye-sa (daughter) and two other sons..moved to Wayne City and Fairfield,Il around 1790-1800..Alfred married Eva HERLET (maiden), who was married two times before to MELTON and BULLARD...Alfred had 6 children, James LEATHERS may have registered on Dawes rolls,
Virgil D Hoff -- 934 Cardiff Court, Schaumburg, IL 60194
[email protected]
Submitted on Tue Jul 7 09:14:25 EDT 1998
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