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There was a delivery guy at my door within an hour, with this script that was so thick and big you’d get a hernia from lifting it. And there were other things with [the package], and one of them was the Superman costume. So I sat down and read the script, and it took forever. It was the longest thing I have ever read. It was indulgent and heavy and had no point of view and treated [the comic books] with disrespect.

Asia Argento (left) has accused Weisntein of raping her, while Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie have accused him of making sexual advances when they were up-and-coming young actresses.   (Reuters)

Natasha Allegri (real creator) • Ice King (creator in the cartoon) • Patrick Seery (creator of Prince Prince Prince) • Marceline (creator of the fanfic story in ...

The Riverwalk Jazz radio series has been telling the story of early jazz and blues as it evolved in the first half of the 20th century on public radio stations for more than two decades.

There was a game being played beyond Bird and Magic that should have been compelling enough on its own, but feelings in Boston were still raw. The violent busing confrontations had cooled in the 1980s, but the hard sentiments were still fresh. The two men were playing for championships, but they had become vehicles for a disturbing racial narrative. Black Celtics believed the team catered to white attitudes by purposely stocking the roster with white players. In an overwhelmingly black game, 10 of the 14 Celtics on the roster in 1986 were white. Bob Ryan, the dean of Boston's basketball writers, once told me that the loudest cheers at the old Garden often came when Kevin McHale would block the shot of a prominent black player.

A. An extension of the principle that there is no such thing as a free lunch, the slot machine rule states that dealing with a woman on a personal level is like playing with a slot machine. It’s fun to watch, to play with, and it gives rewards. But the odds are against you. The longer you play the same machine, the more it will cost. It will periodically pay off in small amounts, teasers, but you will invariably
end up in the red.

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Jeff Poor, TV Editor: After well over a decade of being in the business of monitoring radio and cable news, tolerating smug punditry was just part of the job. Earlier in the week, The Atlantic’s David Frum predicted “a scorched earth period of recrimination” for Trump supporters coming after Trump’s inevitable loss. A day before the election, MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt was advising Donald Trump on air to prepare a concession speech.

Kid Ory The Kid Ory Story Storyville NightsKid Ory The Kid Ory Story Storyville NightsKid Ory The Kid Ory Story Storyville NightsKid Ory The Kid Ory Story Storyville Nights