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Have fun with this wild collection of Entomophagy buttons. There are a few “ I Ate A Bug Buttons ” plus other bug related buttons.

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Because Decca had the original "That'll Be the Day" it was determined to be unwise to use Holly's name in the credits. Grabbing a dictionary they searched for an appropriate group name and decided to release the song as the Crickets. "That'll Be The Day," recorded by The Crickets, was released in June, 1957. Initially sales were slow but, by August they were increasing and it began to appear on the national charts. A month later "That'll Be The Day" was one of the best selling records in both the rock and roll and R&B markets.

"Oh Boy!" was covered by British glam rock group Mud . It reached number 1 for two weeks on the UK Singles Chart in May 1975. [1] It was the band's third and final UK number one. It was included on their album Mud Rock Volume 2 , which reached number 6 in the UK Albums Chart . [2]

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But as serious as the discussion sometimes gets over flavors we'd like to try and whether every cricket wore the same amount of seasoning as its dead compatriot, none of us could get away from the realization that we'd just eaten bugs.

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The Crickets In Style With The CricketsThe Crickets In Style With The CricketsThe Crickets In Style With The CricketsThe Crickets In Style With The Crickets