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Another story he told was when his gambling wife told him not to worry so much and that he should smile more. This advice went overhead when she had her face carved up by enforcers of loan sharks, and the couple discovered that they didn't have enough money to pay for surgery. In a desperate effort to assure his wife that he did not care about the damage to her appearance, he took a razor to his cheeks to make his Glasgow smile match hers, but the disturbing image instead caused his wife to leave him, damaging his psyche.

-- Breed -- Akhal-Teke American Bashkir Curly American Saddlebred Andalusian/PRE (Pura Raza Español) Anglo-Arab Anything Appaloosa Arabian Ardennais/Ardennes Asiatic Wild Ass Australian Stock Horse Azteca Barb Bardigiano Belgian Black Forest Draft Horse Boulonnais Brabant Breed Unknown Breton Draft Chincoteague Pony Cleveland Bay Clydesdale Cob mix Comtois Connemara Criollo Dales Dartmoor Dongola Donkey Donkey (standard) Donkey Foal Draft Dutch Draft Eohippus Exmoor Falabella Fantasy Fell Finnhorse Fjord Freiberger (Franches-Montagnes) French Trotter Friesian Furioso Gotland Grade Gypsy Vanner Hackney Horse/Pony or Harness Pony Haflinger Hanoverian Highland Pony Holsteiner Hucul / Carpathian Pony Hunter Iberian Icelandic Indian pony (Cayuse) Irish Cob Irish Draught Irish Thoroughbred Irish Warmblood Italian War Horse Kabardin Kaimanawa Heritage Horse Kathiawari Kentucky Mountain Horse Kiger Mustang Kladruber Lightbreed Lipizzaner Lipizzaner x Shagya Lusitano x Kladruber Lusitano/PSL (Puro Sangue Lusitano) Marwari Mexican Charro Horse Miniature Horse Missouri Draft Mule Missouri Fox Trotter Mongolian Horse Morgan Mule Murgese Mustang National Show Horse New Forest Nokota Norman Cob (Cob Normand) Norwegian Fjord Oldenburg Onager Orlov Trotter Paso Fino Percheron Peruvian Paso Poitou Donkey Polish Coldblood Pony Przewalski Quarter Horse Rhenish German Riding Pony Rocky Mountain Horse Russian Draft Saluki Shagya Arabian Shetland Pony Shire Somali Wild Ass Sorraia Spanish Spanish Mustang Spanish Norman Sport Horse Standardbred Stock Horse Suffolk Punch Swedish Ardennais Tennessee Walking Horse Tersk Thoroughbred Trakehner Waler Warmblood Warmblood Mix Welara Welsh Cob-Sec C Welsh Cob-Sec D Welsh Mountain-Sec A Welsh-Sec B Wielkopolski Zebra

After he saw the horrible result of his chemical encounter, Jack turned to a hack plastic surgeon , and was desperate to have his cheek wounds fixed where the ricocheted bullet had injured him. Despite going through the long and careful procedure, the surgeon informed Jack that he simply could not fix his face, due to both the sheer extent of the severed nerves sustained and the surgeon's own lack of effective tools, which resulted into a permanent smile. Upset with the result, and reflecting on all that had transpired, Jack, though apparently trying at first to let it go and failing, lost touch with whatever sanity that he had left. Jack began to laugh maniacally and convulsively, then smashed the mirror that he held on the table that held the surgeon's tools, stumbled out of the room, and laughed into the night.

Patricia Richardson stood in the doorway of her kitchen, watching the young man
installing her new shelves and cabinet’s. "My goddness, he’s gorgeous!" she
thought to herself. The young man in front of her, Jimmy, couldn’t be more than
22 years old. He was strikingly handsome for one so young, tall, lean and
muscular, even under his work uniform. With short, black hair and a light
California tan. Patricia couldn’t help but think how she had lucked out when the
Home Depot sent this young buck to her Malibu home.
She licked her lips as a
deliciously naughty idea entered her mind.
"Uhmmm, Jimmy," she politely interupted, stepping towards him, "Why don’t you
take a break? You’ve been at this for awhile."
Jimmy turned around, looking at the lovely, older woman behind him. He smiled,
shyly. He had always had a crush on Patricia Richardson, ever since watching her
on "Home Improvements" with Tim Allen. He always thought she was such a sexy
mom, and always jacked off at night imagining she was his own mother. He stepped
off his ladder, placing his tools on the Kitchen table and smiled warmly.
"Thanks Ms. Richardson, I really could use a breather."
"Let me fix you a drink, Jimmy" she invited, opening her refridgerator door.
Jimmy eyed the 50 year old actress carefully, drinking in every aspect of her
voluptuous form. For an older woman, she was still a knockout, with her permed,
shoulder length hair, dressed in a white blouse top that barely hid her large,
impressive chest, and a navy blue skirt that covered her full, firm legs. He
watched her big ass wiggle as she took out a pitcher of ice tea.
"You know Ms. Richardson," he spoke, trying to conceal his giddyness, "I really
loved you on Home Improvement. I thought you were really great, and very funny!"
"Why thank you, Jimmy," she beamed, pouring him a glass, "and please, call me
Jimmy sipped the tea, his eyes dropping to Patricia’s chest, he could swear he
could make out the outline of her bra through her sheer white blouse. He felt
his pecker stir to life in his pants.
"Yeah, you were a really hot mom!" he kidded.
Patricia Richardson turned red, embarrassed at the comment, "Oh my, that’s very
sweet!" She reached up and placed a hand on his firm, muscular chest. "You
know," she continued, her voice droping low to a sexy tone, "You’re not much
older than one of my son’s. In fact, you remind me alot about him."
Jimmy’s dick sprang to life, protruding painfully through his pants. He really
wanted to nail this woman, in the worst way! Patricia noticed his reaction and
smiled seductively, running her hands across Jimmy’s chest.
"My goodness, you are in fabulous shape! I wonder, how about the rest of you?"
she teased, slowly dropping to her knees.
Jimmy got the hint and grinned, removing his work apron and unzipping his fly.
His rod sprang freely, bobbing nastily in front of Patricia’s astonished face.
"Jesus!" she exclaimed, eyes wide and in shock. It must have been eight inches
long! Much larger than her ex-husband’s.
Jimmy placed his hands on his hips proudly, thrusting his groin directly at
Patricia’s lovely face. "Well, what can I say? It’s tool time!" he mused.
With a slight giggle, Patricia Richardson slowly lowered her mouth onto his rock
hard rod, slowly sucking the shaft and head, teasing it with her tongue.
"Ohhhh God!!!" Jimmy gasped, still in disbelief that this actress was blowing
him! He placed his hands on her head and slowly began to pump in and out of her
wet, moist mouth. He watched as her full, red lips puckered in an ‘O’ around the
base of his meaty shaft, slowly suckling at the head. She looked absolutlely
gorgeous with her mouth full of cock!
"Yeah, momma! Suck it!" he pleaded, "Suck that dick!"
Patricia smiled, looking up at Jimmy’s face, "You like it when I suck you off
you naughty boy?" she teased. "You want me to swallow this big, hard meat
In response, Jimmy thrust forward, roughly, gagging the Home Improvement
starlet, making her eyes bulge slightly.
"Uhhhnnghh!" she grunted, her nose buried in his pubic hair. She breathed
heavily through her nostrils, trying to keep up with the younger man’s spastic
undulations. Jimmy continued his hip action, banging the woman’s hot mouth for
all she was worth. Surprisingly, Patricia took it like a pro, as saliva and spit
slathered all over her lips and chin. She hammered her head back and forth,
fucking his dick with her mouth.
"Urrrgh! Goddamn that’s good!" Jimmy gasped, "Do it, mom! Suck that fucking
tool! I know you fucking love it!"
Patricia suddenly pulled her mouth of his dick, a thick strand of saliva running
from the tip of the head to her lower lip. "Damn, you are one nasty boy, aren’t
you Jimmy?"
Jimmy didn’t reply, instead he ripped off Patricia’s white blouse, exposing her
large, billowy chest, confined by her white sports bra. "You want to fuck my
tits?" she teased, slipping off her bra and licking her lips. "You want to slide
that jack hammer into these soft, creamy melons?"
Without another word, Jimmy slipped his rod between the valley of her cleavage,
revelling in the sublime sensations of the actress’s tits. She squeezed them
tightly around his throbbing meat, licking at the head as it poked through the
top of her mountains.
"Ohhhh, that is soooo nasty, you bad boy!" she cooed, rubbing her breasts faster
and faster over his aching fuck pole.
Jimmy was beside himself, humping savagely at her chest, his fingertips pinching
and squeezing her taut button nipples. He marvelled at her big brown areola. He
couldn’t believe he was tit fucking Patricia Richardson! He gritted his teeth,
pummeling his hips onward and forward, cleaving Patricia’s bosom unmercifully!
"OHHH YEAH, BABY" she teased, gasping for breath, "Fuck’em! Fuck my big titties!
Come on sweetie, I know you love it!" She spit down at the head of his throbbing
cock, coating it with saliva, making the passage between her boobs slicker and
"Goddamn!" Jimmy grunted, "I’m gonna fuckin cum Patricia! I don’t wanna cum
Patricia smiled slightly, releasing her tit grip on Jimmy and stood up, kissing
his neck and cheeks. Jimmy tongued her mouth, his hands grasping her bouncy butt
Patricia turned over, hiking up her skirt, allowing Jimmy to pull down her white
panties, giving him full access to her plump, round ass. "Holee shiitt!" was all
Jimmy could muster, as his hands went to work, kneeding and massaging her
creamy, fleshy buttocks. Patricia rested her elbows on the kitchen table,
spreading her legs apart slightly, giving Jimmy full access to her cunt. Jimmy
slid his throbbing cock between the crack of her ass cheeks, sliding it forward
and backward, teasing the actress.
"You like my big old ass?" she teased slyly, looking back at him with lusty
"Fuck yeah, mamma!" he replied, breathing heavily, then proceeding to push his
dick into her tight, wet snatch. It was a perfect fit, nice and snug, her cunt
muscles gripping his shaft firmly. He quickly began to piston his hips onward,
fucking Patricia Richardson like a dog. His hands gripped her ass cheeks as he
slammed forward, eliciting a cry of pleasure from the older woman.
"Oh god!" she screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck me, baby!"
Jimmy pumped her harder and harder, driving his fuck pole deeper and deeper into
her juicy snatch. He was going to give her the full Tool Time treatment, that
was for sure!
"Yeah baby!" he wheezed, "Fuck it! Fuck that cock! Slam that ass, bitch!"
Patricia bucked backward, meeting his ceaseless thrusts with her own, feeling an
intense orgasm building in her belly. She shut her eyes and lay her head on the
table, gripping the wood with her fingers as the young buck proceeded with his
ballistic assault on her cunt.
"Fuck Yeah!" he growled, "I’m gonna fuckin cream you so good, mamma! Oh
shiiit!!!" His continued slamming her, harder and harder, lifting her feet off
the floor from his intense banging of her butt.
"Oh God, please cum Jimmy!" she screamed, feeling her own climax approach, "I
can’t take much more! Shoot into my pussy, baby!"
Jimmy pummeled Patricia Richardson’s cunt with everything his 22 year old body
could muster, howling in extreme pleasure from her tight, juicy snatch. He could
feel his load approaching. It wouldn’t be long now!
"Arrrgh! You fuckin hot cunt!" he gasped, pulling out of her pussy. He shoved
Patricia back down on her knees. "Frig yerself off bitch, and open your mouth!"
he barked.
Patricia proceeded to finger her clit, shuddering as her orgasm overtook her
body. Jimmy slapped his rod on her wagging tongue, assaulting her face with his
meat club.
"Urrgh! Urrgh! Gonna pop you hot mamma!" he bellowed, his hips undulating
Patricia doublefisted his pump, slapping it on her face, "Cum you fucker! Cum on
your mamma’s nasty face!"
"Ohhhh Fuckkkkkk!!!" Jimmy cried in desperation, as his hot, creamy load
literally exploded onto Patricia Richardson’s sweaty, gorgeous face. His man
cream landed everywhere, covering her lips and tongue, cheeks and nose. She
lapped up at the thick, gooey strands, swallowing all she could.
"Fuck, you nasty bitch!" Jimmy wheezed thankfully, slapping his rapidly limping
dick on Patricia’s cum coated face.
"OHHH, Jimmy," she cooed, a satisfied grin on her sweaty face, "That was one
intense fuck!"
She sat back on the floor, dumbfounded and exhausted. Jimmy slumped down next to
her. "Jesus, how am I supposed to finish these cabinet’s now?" he questioned,
trying to catch his breath.
"Fuck the cabinet’s!" Patricia blurted, placing an arm around Jimmy and resting
her head on his shoulder.
"Nahh," Jimmy replied, smiling, "I think I’d rather fuck you!"
They both laughed aloud, holding each other as they laid back on her kitchen

Ever paranoid, Black Mask had a body double enter the safe house as a diversion while he snuck in via the adjacent balcony. The Joker, waiting at a table, casually shot the double through the heart on sight. The real Black Mask then rushed from behind and tackled the Joker straight through his props, but the Joker rallied, overpowering Black Mask and restraining him. The Joker then used a Molotov cocktail to eliminate evidence and tortured Black Mask by giving him a choice: watch Tiffany burn to death or shoot her to put her out of her misery. Black Mask chose the latter and the Joker dragged the struggling crime lord out with him.

Jungle Cruise is a period piece set in the 1920s . The ride, which is one of the few rides at Disneyland that debuted during the park’s initial opening in 1955 and is still operational, sees guests crowding into a boat and journeying along a river filled with animatronic animals (which appear both under the water and on nearby shores), all while the skipper makes terrible puns and cheesy jokes. It seems like a perfect opportunity for a naturally charismatic (and often goofy) performer like Johnson.

Munehisa Iwai says if everyone in the world held the same code of honor as the protagonist, guns would be obsolete. Sadayo Kawakami notes that, by opposing Suguru Kamoshida , he has a strong sense of justice despite his bad reputation. Shinya Oda states that he made him realize "To be cool, you have to live life in your own way." and that's the type of person he's striving to become. Hifumi Togo notes, while playing Shogi with him, that she senses he has a "gambler's spirit." Sojiro Sakura says the protagonist has an assertive nature, to which the rest of the thieves agree. During the climax of the Niijima Palace heist, Ryuji Sakamoto states that despite being quiet, once he has made up his mind, he won't take no for an answer. Goro Akechi says although the protagonist is quiet, he possesses the courage and determination to take action, and has a free heart, despite his social standing and how others view him, and that he never stops choosing his own path.

Unknown Artist The Joker Gets TrumpedUnknown Artist The Joker Gets TrumpedUnknown Artist The Joker Gets TrumpedUnknown Artist The Joker Gets Trumped