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In February '06, fans a set of Barnabas and Quentin dolls hit the market. Click below to find out more; and click here to read about it and the fantastic new DS DVDs.

Digital Shadows monitors, manages, and remediates digital risk across the widest range of sources on the visible, deep, and dark web to protect your organization.

It is with great thankfulness that we can let you know the Mountain Shadows Resort log home community came through the recent wildfires that damaged quite a bit of our city residential areas as well as National Park acreage unscathed. Mountain Shadows Resort rental cabins are ready for all current and future reservations. 

Shadows menu has a broad appeal with a focus on Seafood and Steaks. The goal of the menu was to create a place where families could afford to eat more than once a week and that would still appeal to couples out for a special night on the town. Shadows will also cater your small lunch or dinner party for groups of 15 – 100.

The names umbra, penumbra and antumbra are often used for the shadows cast by astronomical objects, though they are sometimes used to describe levels of darkness ...

BackupChain has earned itself a solid reputation of being the reliable backup software on the market, designed specifically for IT professionals. Its features include live backup , Windows Server 2012 backup , VirtualBox backup , VMware backup and deduplication backup .
Its remote backup features make it a great choice because BackupChain’s features go way beyond other basic copy tools .
Hyper-V backup and virtual machine backup are another great feature section you will find in BackupChain at no additional charge and these features are augmented by FTP backup , granular restore and version backup , allowing you to quickly access a virtual machine’s image from several restore points.

Photographers are often urged to learn to read the light. However, reading the light is only half the challenge -- one must also learn to read the shadows.

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