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"We have to turn back Kakashi-sensei! A rank missions are for jounins or Anbu!" Sakura shouted. Her behavior was contagious because Tazuna and the rower began to look concerned as well.

Peter and Ginny shared a passionate and forbidden love. Even though Ginny was 20 years his senior, Peter was still the best lover she had ever had. The way Peter touched her made her come to life and made her feel young again.

The intensity began with their first date. The touch of Peter's hand on the side of her face as he gazed lovingly gazed into her loving eyes made her heart melt. The warmth of his lips when they met hers made her heart race and awoken long suppressed sexual desires that had gone unfulfilled for almost two decades.

The night of passion they shared was forbidden and intense. They both knew they were partaking of forbidden fruit but they didn't care. How could something that felt so natural and so right be so wrong. Society would have looked down on their love but in their hearts they knew they were destined to be together.

Why was their passion forbidden, well for two reasons. First, was the fact that Peter was not Ginny's husband. The truth being, Ginny was still legally married to her husband although she was in the process of getting a divorce. Why shouldn't Peter console her, he was young, vibrant, alive, he was there, and her husband wasn't.

This leads into the second reason their love was forbidden and taboo. As pointed out in the opening sentence, Ginny was 20 years his senior but many women have affairs with younger men. The thing that made this love taboo was the fact that Peter was Ginny's son.

Ginny and Peter did not plan this, it was a outcropping of long suppressed deep seeded mutual carnal desires which ad taken root after Peter had reached puberty.

Growing up it was only Peter and Ginny. Ginny's husband Frank was a busy travelling executive and Ginny was an up and coming architect who soon came into her own right. Peter was a dutiful son and looked out for his mother which made them exceptionally close.

When Peter was 17, he had matured into his adult height of 6'1" with chestnut brown hair, a muscular well toned 175 pound body from playing football and being on the wrestling and track teams.

Ginny was 37 and still very attractive although she did not feel it since her husband had long abandoned his feelings of attraction for her and was chasing young skirts and had numerous affairs with his secretaries, one of which he had "knocked up."

Ginny had long raven black hair that was full bodied and wavy and came down to between her shoulder blades. Her eyes were dark brown almost black. Her lips were full and ruby red and she stood 5'11" tall measured 36C-24-34 and weighed about 140 pounds.

Her legs were long and well toned like a dancer's and she believed in keeping herself in shape, and in her mind she was doing it for her and no one else and preferred to work out at home since she was conscious of her body

Ginny would do aerobics 3 times a week to a tape on television and had a tread mill she used as well. Even though Ginny was a stunner looking like a woman in her twenties, she still didn't feel pretty and felt no one would want her since her husband obviously didn't but she was wrong.

Hell, she had guys killing themselves to be next to her and the she though it strange that the one man who should love her didn't care, but she would soon find a unsuspected lover in Peter.

Ginny started having strange feelings for Peter after he turned 18. She found herself becoming aroused by his presence and unconsciously started to dress provocatively for him and allowed him to see her naked or with very little clothes on.

The nine months from when Peter turned 18 in December until he went off to college, Ginny would wear very little around the house. She wore a long white or black see through robe open in the front, matching thigh high stockings and garters and matching lingerie with French cut panties and lace bra that showed a hefty amount of cleavage.

Ginny was sending signals to Peter that she was hot for him and Peter was definitely picking them up but was torn. Deep inside he had a secret crush on her since he was 17 something she picked up on long before this and he was unsure what to make of this but he made no effort to put a stop to it. He did his best to play it down but deep inside he wanted her.

Finally Peter would go off to college and their lust would be put on the back burner. Peter tried to fill his crush on his mother with other things and went out with college girls but nothing ever seemed to work. Finally after two years of fighting, he gave in.

It was right before his 21st birthday when Peter got a strange letter from Ginny where she point blank asked him whether she was still attractive. When he talked to her on the phone it turned out that Ginny's husband left her for the young secretary he knocked up and was divorcing her

He gave her the house and car and moved in with the young blonde and this is what brought all of Ginny's self doubt roaring back to the surface like a volcano.

On the phone one day Ginny asked him "Do you think I am still attractive," to which he replied "God yes you are gorgeous" and before he knew it he added "and drop dead sexy and hot."

This would go on for about a month with calls and letters all wanting reassurances that she was still pretty and had what it took. Peter knew she was bothered by it and decided he would come home and surprise her by taking her out on a date.

It was around 2:30 in the afternoon on Friday when Peter showed up at home and Ginny met him at the door with a hug. Peter and Ginny went into the living room and had a seat on the couch as Peter told he about his plan.

"Put on your sexiest outfit, we are going out on the town, just you an me," Peter said as he sat next to Ginny who was wearing her white lingerie robe and thigh highs but had on a peach colored outfit.

"You serious hun," Ginny exclaimed inquisitively with surprise. "You wouldn't want to be seen with an old woman like me."

"Old hell," Peter replied. "That's nonsense. I would gladly be seen with you any time and any place and I aim to show you that you still got what it takes to turn heads."

"Ah you're just saying that to make your ole maw feel good," Ginny said putting her hand lovingly on Peter's

"No, I mean it," Peter said solemnly, looking into Ginny's eyes. "You are very attractive and want to show you that you still have what it takes so get out your hottest number and tonight you and I are going on a date."

"Ooooooh a date huh," Ginny perked up with glee. "Hmmmmmm, it's been a long time since I have been on one of those. So tell, me do you kiss on a first date and if so, just how far do you go,"

Ginny put her hand on Peter's knee and caressed it and her tone suggested she was getting into this and her feelings of latent lust for Peter were rushing back to the surface and this time she was going to act on them. Peter picked up on this and crafted his response accordingly.

"Let's see now," Peter replied playfully and ruefully stroked his chin. "If the moment is right, a kiss would most definitely be in order and if the spark is there and the chemistry is right, the flames of passion could be ignited and well you know, nature would take its course. After all, who are we to fight the feelings I am a man and you are a woman and well you know."

"Mmmmmmm," Ginny purred with delight like a contented tigress. "So tell me how would our first kiss be."

"I'll do better than that," Peter said placing his hand lovingly on the side of Ginny's face. "I will show you."

The die was cast and the stage set; Peter couldn't back out, but even if he could, he didn't want to and their lips met for the first time.

The kiss was soft and gentle almost barely touching at first but as it progressed, it slowly deepened. The line had been crossed and there was no turning back.

The kiss was broken and Ginny swooned as her head swam and simply said "Wow." She then regained her composure and said "That was good."

"That is only the first kiss," Peter replied. "They get better. Here let me show you," and with that Peter kissed Ginny again.

This time, however, the kiss was not so simple. Peter embraced Ginny and pulled her close to him. His hands slid under her robe so that they were touching her soft flesh on her back. He pushed Ginny down on the sofa and as they embraced Peter was on top of Ginny and Ginny had her arms round his shoulders and her legs around his back.

Their bodies pressed together as they kissed and the kisses soon became long intense deep tongue probing tonsil swabbing French kisses.

Ginny momentarily broke the kiss and softly and lustfully moaned "Oh Peter baby show me more. Show me all that you will do to me, but first let us take the party else where so we can have more room."

The party moved from the sofa to Ginny's bed where she took his t-shirt and pulled it off so that his skin could be close to hers.

Peter removed Ginny's robe and laid her back down on the bed and softly began kissing and nibbling the sides of her neck and moved his way down to her chest. Slipping the straps of her bra off her shoulders, Peter removed Ginny's bra so that her sumptuous breast were exposed.

Ginny's soft skin felt good against his own and their bodies rubbed together and soon his kisses found their way to her nipples and his tongue softly ran along the edges. He then began sucking on them like a nursing infant and Ginny just crooned with delight and gave herself over to the passion.

Ginny's hands found their way to Peter's crotch and she unzipped his pants unfastened them and with his assistance slipped them off so that Peter was only in his underwear.

Peter laid on top of Ginny with his crotch next to hers and Ginny definitely felt his raging hard-on as their crotches slowly grinded together. Peter would then kiss his way down Ginny's body until he reached her pussy and without words being exchanged she slipped her panties off exposing her nicely trimmed but somewhat furry pussy.

Ginny's legs parted allowing Peter full access to her heavenly gates. He inhaled her musky womanly scent and savored the nectar of her honey dew as he kissed and licked her pussy bringing her off with is tongue making her cum in his mouth.

"Oh God yes Peter baby, make mommy cum," Ginny swooned as she lifted her head and took her hand grabbed Peter's hair and held his head there.

Peter continued to eat her out until she convulsed wailing at the top of her lungs like a banshee and after he ate her out he kissed her allowing her to savor her sweet honey nectar from his lips.

They embraced again and Ginny grabbed his briefs and slid them off, took his cock in her hand and led it into her pussy and they slowly began to fuck.

Ginny's pussy felt so warm and wet around Peter's cock and the feeling of them fucking did not seem wrong. They no longer saw each other as mother and son. Peter was a man, Ginny was a woman and they were doing what came naturally.

Peter pumped Ginny long and slow and Ginny crooned with delight "Oh god yes baby," Ginny purred, "I feel like a woman again."

Peter would fuck Ginny for a good 10 minutes and as he did, he could feel Ginny's pussy grip the sides of his cock and milk it for all it was worth. Ginny's sugar walls felt like 1000's of velvety fingers caressing his tool and he knew it wasn't going to be long until he came.

Deep inside he could feel his cock swell with cum and tried to pull out but Ginny just locked her legs around him and held him in place.

"I wanna feel your hot manhood deep inside me baby," Ginny purred then added "Don't worry hun, I have long since had my tubes tied," and with that, Peter relaxed knowing he couldn't accidently impregnate his own mother.

Somehow knowing this embolden Peter and he thrusted harder and faster and Ginny just purred with delight. They embraced and the lips met and they passionately kissed as they continued to fuck and their limbs intertwined.

Something mystical was taking place; Their hearts began to beat as one, their souls and spirits united and became one and the world around them would slipped away and Peter and Ginny were in their own universe. Time and space seemed to be suspended and lost all meaning. They were only aware of each other and nothing else.

Their passions rose and fell like the mighty ocean waves and soon they could no longer be contained. Ginny's pussy quivered and flooded Peter's cock with her nectar. Peter's cock responded by flooding Ginny with its hot jism and Ginny purred with delight as Peter's manhood went deep into her.

Something instinctively told Peter to ask Ginny to lay with her back facing him and Ginny smiled and knew what he was asking and as she scooted her naked body next o his she opened her pussy from behind and allowed Peter to slip his cock into her.

Ginny and Peter laid side by side as they embraced and Ginny turned her head back so they could kiss. Peter's cock was deep inside Ginny and he pumped it to keep it hard. Their naked bodies rubbed together as their limbs were intertwined and their flesh melted together as one.

Ginny and Peter were drunk on the sweet nectar of carnal lust and had no desire to abandon their pursuits of pleasing each other's wanton lascivious desires. Peter would fuck Ginny this way for another fifteen minutes as he caressed her breast and kissed and nibbled the flesh on her neck.

Peter would spunk his second load deep inside Ginny and she swooned with delight then turned to face them and they would embrace and kiss some more. She then whispered in his ear "You showed me how you would please a woman, now let me show you how I please my man."

Ginny rolled Peter over on his back and began to kiss her way down his body and ran her tongue over his flesh She eventually reached his cock and took it in her hand and began to give him a blow job that would curl his toes.

Ginny ran her tongue along the head of Peter's cock and up and down the shaft then took it all the way in her mouth and proceeded to suck him like a vacuum cleaner.

Peter moaned as the pleasure in his body rose. He was so horny It felt like his cock was going to explode. It was all he could do to fight back the feeling.

"Don't fight it sweetie," Ginny moaned softly. "Give in to the feeling."

Peter did what she said and within seconds he spunked his load all over her lips, face and hair at first then she managed to take the rest of it down her throat drinking it all in savoring every drop.

Ginny would continue to suck on and pump Peter's cock until I was good and hard again. She then mounted him cowgirl style and slowly rode him as she moved up and down in long methodical motions.

Ginny's cunt was so wet that it squished as she continued to ride him and she was so horny she came flooding Peter's cock within minutes of starting to ride him. She didn't let that stop her; Ginny continued to ride Peter for another good five to ten minutes until they both came again.

They collapsed together with Ginny on top and they lovingly kissed and embraced as they slowly came down from their orgasmic high.

"Oh baby that was so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o good," Ginny purred with delight. "You made me feel alive again and awoke in me passions and desired that I though had long been dead"

"I am glad you enjoyed it, Peter replied. "I must confess I have fantasized about this moment for years. I have had the hots fro you along time but never knew how to act on them."

"Well sweetie you need not worry now," Ginny said softly kissing Peter. I have no intention of letting go of you or what we have shared."

"Me either mom," Peter replied.

"None of this mom nonsense," Ginny replied "We are both adults now and after today you have earned the right to call me Ginny."

By now it was a quarter to five and they were both famished.

"So where are you taking me hun," Ginny said playfully.

"Where ever you want to go," Peter replied "Nothing is too good for you but just make sure you can wear your hot little black dress because we are going clubbing and I am going to show you off."

"Mmmmm cant wait hun," Ginny replied. "Come, let's shower and get dressed."

Peter and Ginny showered together and ended up fucking in the shower. Peter first ate Ginny out until she came in his mouth then Ginny soaped up Peters cock with shampoo, got it hard and he fucked her good from behind blowing his load deep inside of her. They would eventually get cleaned up and dressed and they took Ginny's Mustang convertible.

Once at the restaurant, The Fireside Hearth, the finest and most expensive restaurant around, they took their seat.

"Thanks for recommending this place," Ginny said with a smile. " I have always wanted to come here,"

They sat, talked, ate and shared cigarettes as they just enjoyed each other's company. Ginny felt like a young school again and Peter was they envy of most every guy in the room because it was evident that they were lovers by the way they kissed and looked at each other.

After dinner they went to "The Underground," a young hot hip dance club. Peter knew he would probably see some of his buddies their but he didn't mind. In fact he relished the thought.

Again Peter was they envy of most every guy over 30 in that room. Most every guy made at least one pass at Ginny to which she blew them off and just danced closer to Peter. To add fuel to the fire she allowed Peter to touch her all over on the dance floor which made the guys in the room greener than a Leprechaun with envy.

The . had slowed it down and soon Ginny and Peter were slow dancing. Their bodies were pressed together and crotches touching. In the dark light Peter rubbed his crotch next to Ginny's and no one seemed to notice or care.

After about 10 minutes of this they both knew it was time to take this party "private so they got back in the car and drove home. The 20 minute drive seemed like an eternity but soon they pulled into the garage pulled down the door went into the house and "went at it."

Ginny sat Peter down on the sofa, removed her panties and then sat in his lap facing him. She fumbled to unfasten his belt and pants and pull out his cock and guide it into her pussy and fucked him right there on the sofa in her dress.

This was the hottest most intense animal sex she had ever experienced and had fantasized about doing this when she heard about it on a late night after hours adult talk show.

They would fuck this way for about 10 minutes until they both came then they undressed and spent the rest of the evening in hot torrid sex on the floor

After that weekend of hot unbridled sex, Ginny and Peter were inseparable. Peter transferred to the university in town where he finished his work as a computer programmer and graphics designer. Ginny got him on at the architect firm where she worked where he soon became successful.

Never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined this becoming real, but it did for them. Ginny's divorce soon was final and her husband rarely speaks to him or Peter.

Ginny and Peter have their own life now and are committed to each other. To them that is all that matters.

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Mighty Passions Baby Dumplin Im So LonelyMighty Passions Baby Dumplin Im So LonelyMighty Passions Baby Dumplin Im So LonelyMighty Passions Baby Dumplin Im So Lonely