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Area fire can be undertaken with small arms, machine guns, or high-explosive shells. Players find a “Rate of Fire” (what type of weapons are firing and how many), and consult a chart, cross-referencing the range and the type of target. High explosive rounds from artillery and mortars use a similar system (see below).

0 Achiever # 0 Achiever (1000) Acquire 1000 points. Hyrkanian Camel Hub and PvP Teleports (playfieldaccess GUI) 0 Achiever (1500) Acquire 1500 points.

Dr. Tentacle glared down at his desk with a snarl. The latest edition of the New York Times lay open on the surface with a picture of the hero, SuperiorMan, plastered on the front page. In a moment of frustration, he ripped the paper off the desk, crumbled it into a ball and hurled it across his office How he hated that dogooder hero! SuperiorMan was the only obstacle between him and world domination. But despite his best efforts, the hero managed to defeat him every single time. The doctor had spent years researching every possible angle to determine the source of SuperiorMan's powers. He knew he did not have the brawns to defeat his nemesis, but his intellectual powers were no match for the bubbling hero. His current hypothesis was that SuperiorMan's powers were directly influenced by his sex drive. Dr. Tentacle suspected that if the hero could be sexually stimulated then his strength would be sapped away. The doctor sent scores of women to try to seduce the hero with not even a twitch of the hero's huge basket. He even put a bounty out for whoever could capture SuperiorMan by sexually stimulating him, and every single woman who has tried failed.

With a quick adjustment to his thick glasses, Dr. Tentacle stood to his feet and left his office. He stalked down the hall, went into his laboratory and started adjusting his latest invention. He had to find a way to defeat SuperiorMan once and for all. He had thrown every weapon against him and none of them had the slightest effect on him. The only chink in his powers, he could discovered was sexual stimulation and it seemed impossible to crack that. Oh how he wanted that damn hero out of his way once and for all.

"Uh, boss?" A deep voice said behind him.

The doctor turned and was one of his bodyguards at the door. "What is it?

"There is someone who is here to see you about the bounty. I think you better come right away. SuperiorMan is with him."

Dr. Tentacle gasped as he rushed passed his bodyguard and back into his office. His mouth fell open at the sight of SuperiorMan on his knees in the middle of the office. The hero's wrists were bound with thick rope and a dog collar fit snugly around his thick neck. His normally pristine red and yellow uniform was stained with sweat and dirt and stretching against the fabric of his crotch was a huge erection that looked like it was on the verge of ripping through his tights.

The villain could hardly contain his glee. He was right! He looked around for the woman who managed to break SuperiorMan and only was a lean pretty boy sitting in his chair holding the leash that was connected to the hero's neck.

"I'm here for the bounty!" The young man lisped smiling outrageously.

Dr. Tentacle's draw dropped as he looked at the helplessly turned on hero and to the effeminate young man who held his leash. SuperiorMan was gay?! He thought wildly. No wonder he could not get the hero turned on by throwing women at him. The hero blushed furiously and hung his head in shame. It must have been torture for him to be taken down so easily and displayed like a piece of meat. "Tell me how you captured SuperiorMan!" He demanded as he sat at his desk.

The young man grinned. "It happened just last night actually."

As Doctor Tentacle listened, new possibilities opened up to him.

Late Last Night

SuperiorMan was flying through the air over the tall buildings of Manhattan. It had been a typical night of fighting petty thieves and stopping crimes. The hero hovered in the air running his fingers through his wavy black hair scanning the city for any crimes in progress. His red and blue skin tight costume clung tightly against his muscular body. His costume was a symbol of hope for the people of New York, and he went out every night patrolling the streets to help keep the people safe. His senses picked up a mugging happening a few blocks away and with a streak of red and blue, he was off to save the day.

Landing in the back alley, SuperiorMan saw that a group of gang bangers were mugging a handsome young man. Going into his most heroic pose with his hands resting on his waist, he called out, "You need to stop and go about your business!"

The gang bangers turned and cursed when they saw that it was New York's protector and hero. There was a brief second that SuperiorMan thought that they might actually try and fight him, but they all turned and ran as fast as their legs could carry them.

The young man rushed over to him and clung to him tightly thanking him for the rescue. Smiling SuperiorMan patted him on the back and let him know that everything would be alright. The young man was slight and thin but the hardness of his body against his suggested that his body was muscular as well as lean. The young man looked up at him and the hero found himself looking into the most beautiful blue eyes that he ever seen even with tears threatening to break free from his eyes. His light blond hair was disheveled from the mugging and his face looked like an angel.

"Thank you for saving me!" The young man said softly.

SuperiorMan smiled back at him. He was used to the gratitude of the people that he saved, but looking into those baby blue eyes, he felt a tingle shiver through his body. Stepping back, the hero smiled. "Be safe," He said heroically as he floated up in the air.

"Wait!" The young man cried out. "Do you mind taking me to my home. I don't know if I will be able to make it home on my own."

The hero looked down at the young man trying to decide if he should honor the young man's request. His senses did not pick up on any other crimes going on at the moment that needed his attention. He nodded and floated back to the ground.

The young man pressed up close to him and holding tightly to the man he saved, they took off in the air. The heat of the young man's body felt nice against his own hugely muscular body. The tingle he felt before ran through his body and for a second, he thought that he was going to lose his balance in the air.

The blond shivered against him and gave him directions to his apartment. As they flew to the rooftop of the young man's apartment, SuperiorMan began to feel a little lightheaded. This was a feeling strange to his super human body. He felt a wave of relief when they finally landed on the roof of the apartment building.

SuperiorMan would have left right away, but the young man grabbed his hand and pulled him close to his body. "Is there anything I can do to repay you for your service tonight?"

The hero gasped as his hand was pressed against the crotch of the blond. This was wildly inappropriate, yet the heat of the growing bulge seemed to seep into his hand and the rest of his body. The lightheaded feeling returned and the hero blushed furiously.

"I don't need a reward for being a hero," He said with more confidence in his voice than he felt as he tried to move his hand.

The young man smiled as he ran his hands across SuperiorMan's chest. "I bet I can think of someway to repay you, stud."

SuperiorMan knew that he should just fly away, but the young man was very attractive and it felt good being touched in this way. "I'm sorry, but I should go."

As he turned to jump in the air, SuperiorMan gasped and stumbled forward as his felt a sharp slap on his costumed ass.

"It's rude to try and leave before I can properly thank you!" The young man said sharply. Before the hero could react, his head was grabbed and kissed passionately. SuperiorMan tried to escape the grasp, but the tingling had turned into pleasure and had spread across his body. His knees felt weak as a floodgate was starting to open. For the first time, SuperiorMan felt his cock start to react.

The hero managed to break free from the kiss and looked down in horror at his half hard cock. He felt a weakness course through his body that he never felt before. SuperiorMan knew he had to get away before his powers totally deserted him.

The young man smiled widely and reached over and started to play with the hero's crotch. "It looks like little SuperiorMan wants to play." He cooed as the hero's cock continue to harden.

SuperiorMan moaned as he felt his powers draining from his body. His carefully guarded secret was now exposed. He paid little mind to the endless women sent by Doctor Tentacle to try and weaken his powers because he was not attracted to them. The hero had a strong attraction to other men, but had to suppress it in order to keep his powers. Now all the years of suppression exploded by the skillful manipulations of this young man.

"Please, don't do this!" He moaned as he tried to take the young man's hand off of his hard cock.

His hand was easily swatted away as his cock was manipulated into full hardness. "You starting to look a little tired, SuperiorMan. Why don't we go to my apartment, so you can relax."

The hero shook his head and used all his might to push the young man away from him. He jumped in the air to fly away but fell to the ground instead. His powers had faded away with the hardening of his cock.

The young man smirked as he got to his feet. "Not so tough anymore are we?" He said as he grabbed the hero by his hair yanking his head up to look at him. "You belong to me now, little hero!"

SuperiorMan tried to break free from the hand gripping his hair, but the sight of the good looking man standing over him sent waves of pleasure through his body weakening him even more. His cock was now rock hard and tented against the crotch of his tights. Years of sexual repression worked against him as his body betrayed the hero and robbed him of his powers.

The hero was forced to his feet and his arm was twisted behind his back by his captor. He had no choice but to be herded down the stairs to the young man's apartment. The feeling of helplessness the hero felt merged with the pleasure he felt of being dominated in this way.

Inside the apartment, scented candles had been lit and soft music was playing. SuperiorMan was pushed inside and he stumbled forward as his captor closed and locked the door. Looking around at the romantic setting, the hero realized that the young man had been planning this from the start.

The young man smiled as he approached the helpless hero. "I've been waiting a long time for this!"

SuperiorMan held his hands up in protest as he backed away. He knew he was too weak to stop his captor from having his way with him. The young man grabbed his arms and pushed him on the couch. Laying on top of the hero, he began to kiss him passionately.

At first SuperiorMan tried to fight it, but the feeling of pleasure from being kissed roughly and passionately grew to the point that he started kissing back. The kiss seemed to last for an eternity and when his captor finally broke it off, the hero was panting for breath and secretly wishing for more.

The young man squeezed the hero's rock hard cock and jerked him through his tights a few times to make sure it stayed nice and hard and keeping the hero's powers drained. He winked slyly and got off of him and walked over to the coffee table. Picking up a dog collar, he walked back over the SuperiorMan.

The hero's eyes widened and he raised his hand in protest. "Please not this!" he begged. It was one thing to make out and have sex with a good looking man, but to wear a dog collar and be treated like an animal was completely different.

The young man's eyes narrowed at the futile resistance of the legendary hero. "I will ask you once nicely to put on the collar, SuperiorMan."

The hero recoiled in fear at the look of anger in his captor's eyes. Part of him wanted to just follow his orders and get this over with as soon as possible, but his pride as a superhero and a man just would not allow himself to be treated this way. "I'm not your dog!" he said with as much defiance as he could muster weakly laying on the couch with his crotch tenting outwardly.

The young man threw down the collar and grabbed SuperiorMan by his hair. He pulled the helpless superhero off the couch and sat down with his hand still firmly wrapped around the hero's black locks. Forcing his captive over his knees, he placed one firm hand on the small of his back to keep him in place.

SuperiorMan fought with all his nonexistent strength, but failed to stop from being put over his captor's knees like a little boy in trouble. His hard cock pressed against the young man's lap putting pleasurable pressure on the erection causing the hero to weaken even more.

"Let me know when you are willing to put on the collar, boy!" The young man said harshly as he brought his hand hard down on the hero's well rounded ass.

SuperiorMan cried out as the first hit struck his ass. He had never been spanked in this way and the humiliation of the most powerful man in the universe being manhandled and punished this way sent chills of pleasure shooting through his body. Again and again, his perfect ass was struck as his cries grew louder and louder.

After about twenty hits, SuperiorMan felt the next sting of humiliation when he started to cry and sob like a little boy in trouble. His ass felt on fire and the throbbing erection in his tights grew even harder than before. Crying out, the hero began to realize that he felt a thrill being manhandled like this. It was a hard realization to swallow as his body derived immense pleasure from this humiliation.

The spanking continued as his ass began to hurt so much that the hero began to feel numb. Finally unable to bear another strike, he cried out for his captor to stop.

"Will you wear the collar, boy?" The young man asked harshly.

Gasping for air through his tears and snot, SuperiorMan nodded furiously. "YES! I'll wear the collar, but please don't spank me anymore!"

The young man pushed him off of his lap and onto the floor and sat watching the hero curl up into a ball. His crotch was completely wet with precum and it caused the fabric of his costume to become translucent and show every vein of the throbbing cock.

SuperiorMan lay on the floor sobbing unable to gather the strength to pick himself up. His ass felt like it was on fire and the combination of pain and pleasure sent his senses reeling. He just wanted to curl up and die, but part of him enjoyed every second of being spanked. This hidden side of him scared the hero more than anything. If word of this weakness got out, every small time crook would be able to defeat him quite easily. His career would be finished and the world would be at the mercy of villains like Doctor Tentacle. He knew he had to convince his young captor to keep his dark secret.

Looking up through his tears, SuperiorMan saw that his captor's patience was running out. He cried out as his forced himself to his hands and knees and slowly picked up the collar. Weakly putting it around his thick neck, the hero felt a part of him die as he willingly submitted to the young man who seduced and weakened him to this state. Gingerly sitting on his knees, he bowed his head in submission.

The young man ran his fingers through the hero's dark locks. "That's a good boy." he said soothingly like a master would to a dog that just followed a command. He took a leash from the end table and attached it to the collar. "Now come along," He commanded as he led the hero from the living room into the back of the apartment.

SuperiorMan crawled as fast as he could on his hands and knees. Every movement caused the fire of pain on his ass to reignite. His cock still trapped in the confines of his tights pressed against his abdominals wet with the steady flow of precum. His face was wet and sticky from the merging of tears and snot from being spanked.

The hero was led to a bedroom where he looked in horror. The room looked like something a dominatrix would have. Against one wall was a bed with long posts at each end. Each post had leather strapped attached to them leading down to the bed itself. On the other side of the room was a cross that had leather straps at each end. Along one of the walls hung and assortment of whips and paddles arranged by length and size. SuperiorMan felt chills run down his spine at the sight of a room tailored for bondage. The lights were turned off, but two dozen candles sat on all the surfaces giving the room a soft glowing light.

The young man jerked on the leash. "On to your feet, boy!" He commanded harshly.

SuperiorMan considered to put up a fight, but the searing pain on his ass convinced him to play along. His captor could not keep him forever and the more he cooperated the more likely he was to convince him to keep this dark secret of his. Struggling to his feet, the once proud hero looked like a complete mess. He stood with his head bowed painfully aware of the tent in his tights.

"Take off your costume, boy. We don't want it ruined with tonight's festivities."

SuperiorMan paled at the thought of being completely naked in front of his captor. His costume was his last link to the power he once commanded. Without it he was just a helpless pretty boy weakling. As he brought his hands to the crimson belt that hung snugly on his tapered waist, SuperiorMan knew that this was the point of no return. Once he started to take off his costume, he was truly a prisoner in a sexual nightmare.

With a heavy sigh, he unclasped his belt and let it drop to the floor with a clunk. As each piece of his costume was taken off and dropped to the floor exposing more of the chiseled superhero's body, the more of a thrill SuperiorMan felt. After his tights were finally pulled off his legs and dropped to the floor, the hero face his captor completely naked and hard. His cock pointed at the young man as if indicating that he now his master.

The young man slowly circle his prey eyeing every part of the hero's exposed body. "Very nice!" he said as he appraised his newest acquisition. "I'm going to enjoy this!"

SuperiorMan felt a jolt of pleasure as the young man grabbed his erect cock. Using it as a leash, he led the hero to the bed and instructed him to lay on his back. The soft bedspread felt soft and cool to his burning ass. Obediently laying on the bed, the hero watched as the young man went around and attached each leather restraint to his wrists and ankles. He softly tugged on the restraints hoping that his powers had returned, but they held firmly keeping him helplessly placed on the bed.

His captor climbed on the bed and softly stroked the hero's hard cock. "Very impressive, boy." The young man said as he ran his fingers over the erection that robbed him of his powers. "Its a shame that you don't use your cock like this very often. I know plenty of guys who would jump at the chance to worship this monster."

SuperiorMan closed his eyes as he felt the pleasure of another hand stroking him. It had been years since he had pleasured himself and the assault of pleasure that he felt tonight was intensified by his years of neglect.

The hero jerked his eyes open as he felt a hand on his hurting ass. He looked down and saw his captor pressing into his dark hole. Gasping he felt the intrusion into his ass that triggered a different kind of pleasure. No one had ever touched him there before and his cock twitched with excitement of being violated in this way.

'Damn, you are tight in there!" The young man said smiling. "It looks like I get to pop your cherry tonight, boy!"

SuperiorMan groaned as he pictured being fucked by his captor. He knew that he should be reviled and fight against this, but the darkest being of his soul looked forward to being fucked like a woman. With a heavy sigh, he felt a pang of regret when the young man's finger withdrew from his ass and got off the bed.

The young man went to the dresser and came back holding a blindfold. SuperiorMan stared at the blindfold like a viper. "Please don't blindfold me." He said meekly.

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