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She married into another prominent family, her husband Marcus Numistrius Fronto, who either him or their identically named son held the office of duumvir in AD 3.

    Tickets for Pompeii:
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  Pompeii Plan:
Pompeii shows the typical topography of a Roman city with its decuman and cardinal roads which intersect at right angles creating an orthogonal grid: the cardo follows a north-south direction, the decumanus lies eastwest.
House Locator | Street Locator | Google map by Pompeionline
    Historical Outline:
Pompeii, unlike the other towns in Campania founded for the most part by Greek colonists, was built by the Oscans, probably around the 9-8th century ., even if the evidence now available does not go back beyond the 6th century >>>

  The House:
There is ample documentation of the Roman house in Pompeii, from modest dwellings to large and magnificent villas with sumptuous decorations, from simple workmen's houses to the elegant residences of the noble class >>>   Temples:
Roman temples - the ones in Pompeii in particular - do not diverge in any way from the great Hellenistic models known through the colonies of Magna Graecia >>>
  Thermal Baths:
The "thermae" were the city's public baths. There were relatively few private baths and these were limited to the most well-to-do families, given that the latter were the only ones who could afford to build rooms suited to the purpose>>>   Theaters:
The theatre was the place where performances of comedies and tragedies were held.
It included a semi-circular cavea from which led the series of steps divided into sections on which the spectators sat >>>
It is presumed that the amphitheatre in Pompeii, the oldest known to us, must have provided the basic model for the subsequent buildings >>   Painting:
Before the discovery of Pompeii, information about Roman painting was scarce and fragmentary with rare examples limited to fragments of frescos found in isolated cases >> Mosaics:
Mosaic ornamentation was widely used in the decoration of the houses in Pompeii and saw various stages of development >>>   Sculpture:
The sculptures which have survived show that in Pompeii there was a preference for statues of a small size, given that they were designed for ornamental purposes >>> Iscriptions and Graffiti:
The walls of the houses in Pompeii are frequently covered with inscriptions: these are electoral propaganda messages >>>
    Images of Pompeii:
So many photos of the archaeological area >>>  

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