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The Cuban influence is evident in many pre-1940s jazz tunes, but rhythmically, they are all based on single-celled motifs such as tresillo , and do not contain an overt two-celled, clave -based structure. Caravan , written by Juan Tizol and first performed in 1936, is an example of an early pre-Latin jazz composition. It is not clave-based. On the other hand, jazzy renditions of Don Azpiazú 's " The Peanut Vendor " ("El manicero") by Louis Armstrong (1930), Duke Ellington (1931), and Stan Kenton (1948), are all firmly in-clave since the 2-3 guajeo provides the primary counterpoint to the melody throughout the entire song.

[PDF] + MP3 [Interpreted] - Brass Quintet : 2 Trumpets, 1 Horn, 1 Trombone , 1 Tuba - Traditional * License : - Thanks to Jay Lichtmann to his brass transcriptions and ...

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The repertoire includes pieces by Lennie Tristano (“Wow” and “April”), Warne Marsh (“Marshmallow”), Charlie Parker (“Dexterity”), and Thelonious Monk (“Little Rootie Tootie”), a Bob Hurst tribute to tenor-saxophonist Charlie Rouse (“Roused About”) and three Stein originals. While the music often swings in a free bop fashion, there are also freer explorations and moments of unpredictability. The interplay between bass and contrabass clarinets is intriguing and fascinating with Jackson sometimes stealing the show. While Abrams and Rainey are mostly in supportive roles, they keep the music stimulating throughout.

The Afro Blues Quintet Plus One Liberation Walk On ByThe Afro Blues Quintet Plus One Liberation Walk On ByThe Afro Blues Quintet Plus One Liberation Walk On ByThe Afro Blues Quintet Plus One Liberation Walk On By