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No Way Out But Forward Go is Killing Joke 's first full-length release since 1996's Democracy , and the band's third live album. Taken from a 1985 concert on the Night Time tour, it's hardly a worthy substitute for a studio album, but it does showcase Killing Joke at their finest. The 17 tracks are split roughly equally between Youth -era and Paul Raven -era material, with most of the Night Time album being present. All of the early classics ("Wardance," "Requiem") are featured, as well as rarer songs such as "Pssyche." Live versions of two tracks from Brighter Than a Thousand Suns are also included, as is a full CD-ROM of the concert on some editions. Unfortunately, most of the show sounds as if it's been recorded in a rehearsal room, since the audience appears to be almost entirely lifeless. The bandmembers give it their best effort, however, and throw themselves into the performance wholeheartedly. The only low point is "The Good Samaritan," which isn't really appropriate for a live setting. Other than that, it's a good representation of the band's bile-and-fire approach.

Nine years later, in 2003, Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl took a leave of absence from his current band, the Foo Fighters, to record drums for Killing Joke's second self-titled album, thus proving, once and for all, that there was no bad-blood between the groups (and all concerned have since confirmed that no lawsuit was ever filed)

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In 2010, the Swedish alternative metal band Dead by April released a cover version of " Love Like Blood " as a stand-alone single. The single was released 10 May 2010 on iTunes and as a double A-side single alongside previously released track "Promise Me" from their debut album Dead by April . No music videos were made for either of the tracks. "Love Like Blood" was the first track recorded by the band with their new singer Zandro Santiago, [11] and was later included on their compilation album Stronger , released on 24 January 2011.

Killing Joke Wardance PssycheKilling Joke Wardance PssycheKilling Joke Wardance PssycheKilling Joke Wardance Pssyche