The lat teens buena gente good people - Versense Versace perfume - a fragrance for women 2009

A summer favourite. Sharp, fresh and clean. No mustiness here.
This scent will always make me think of Italy, which is where I first bought it. It makes me think of long walks in Capri, sunsets in Sorrento and wandering the back streets of Florence.
It is stylish, sophisticated, and not overly sweet.

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Bueno is currently working on a new double album, [10] and has appeared in 2016 as a guest artist on the new album, Habana Dreams , by the master New York-based Afro-Cuban percussionist, Pedrito Martinez , where he performs on the song, "Dios Mio," written with Martinez. [11] [1] Bueno also appears on the new album, Quiero Guarachar , by the Miami-based Afro-Cuban Funk group, PALO! , as a vocalist and co-composer of the song "Agua Pa' Los Santos," which also features Pedrito Martinez and master Afro-Cuban percussionist, Roman Diaz, as guest artists. Bueno is also featured in the PBS documentary, Ivy League Rumba , about the 2015 Brown University Latin Jazz and Pop Festival , directed by Miami-Based team, Joe Cardona and Ralf Gonzalez, and to be distributed nationally by American Public Television, the distribution arm of PBS. [12]

The Lat Teens Buena Gente Good PeopleThe Lat Teens Buena Gente Good PeopleThe Lat Teens Buena Gente Good PeopleThe Lat Teens Buena Gente Good People