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The film was released as the opening film at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival [1] which Anthony Delon attended with co-stars Rupert Everett and Ornella Muti . The film was a critical success in Latin America and Europe but was snubbed by critics in France. [ citation needed ]

Saz’iso’s instrumentalists are from the other great city of Saze: Korçë. Violinist Aurel Qirjo graduated as a conductor from the High Institute of Arts in Tirana and, despite having lived abroad for many years, he remains one of the most distinguished violinists of Southern Albania, where he returns frequently to perform. Aurel now lives in London, recording and performing as a member of the Greek group Kourelou as well as playing in Turkish and Albanian ensembles. Clarinettist Telando Feto has remained in Korçë, where he teaches music in a school. He is famous for the tone and musicality of his playing, which is in high demand by Albanian popular artists. Llautë (lute) master and instrument maker Agron Murat and dajre (frame drum) artist Agron Nasi are veteran performers, who were part of Korçë’s legendary Lulushi saze and have toured abroad widely with Albanian groups. Pëllumb Meta is a Tirana-based multi-instrumentalist and member of the Tirana Ensemble; a virtuoso on all manner of flutes and pipes with an extraordinarily wide repertoire of songs and tunes from all Albanian regions.

The American Film Institute ranked Rota's score for The Godfather #5 on their list of the greatest film scores . His score for War and Peace was also nominated for the list. In all, Rota wrote scores to more than 150 films.

The story is all over the place. Deadly plagues are breaking out in India, and yet another CIA agent is killed in Bangkok, prompting Hubert 117 to take over. He finds that a sinister Dr. Sinn (Robert Hossein, excellent) is involved with a pharma lab using thousands of rats to make the stuff. Hubert first romances drop-dead gorgeous Dominique Wilms (who starred with Eddie Constantine in an early Lemmy Caution thriller). Hubert then falls for the doctor’s innocent sister, Pier Angeli, and tracks the menace to an underground lab.

Piero Piccioni The Moment Of TruthPiero Piccioni The Moment Of TruthPiero Piccioni The Moment Of TruthPiero Piccioni The Moment Of Truth