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Last year, FACT counted down our 100 favourite albums of the 1990s – a years-in-the-making effort that, we thought, was about as tough as undertakings got.

Taken from the album, Street Sounds UK Electro (Street Sounds | ELCST | 1984) SIde A A1 Zer-O - Real Time (Retrospective Dub) Producer - Bellini A2 Syncbeat - Music Producer - Pete Ramon Remix...

Whatever happened to Escape ? Whodini’s second LP was one of the first hip-hop LPs to score a platinum tag, but, eclipsed by the antics of the new school, it seems to have tumbled off of most casual fans’ bucket lists. On Escape, the trio manage a set that’s diverting from end to end – something Spoonie G, The Cold Crush Brothers and The Furious Five conspicuously failed to deliver. For all of Escape ‘s pop smarts, it’s a chilly collection: ‘Friends’ (later cannibalised by Public Enemy, Nas and MF DOOM) goes in for bug-eyed paranoia, and ‘Freaks Come Out At Night’ sketches a John Hogarth drawing of downtown Brooklyn after hours. And, three decades on, there’s absolutely no messing with electro-boogie nonpareil ‘Five Minutes Of Funk’ – a sinewy goosebump-raiser that’s so good, they couldn’t not include it twice.

Despite becoming a Disco favorite, “Jingo” had no problem in crossing over to the emerging Jazz-Funk scene, where it also acquired classic status (other Disco tunes that made a particularly big impression on the Jazz-Funk audience included Francine McGee’s “Delirium” and “Dreaming A Dream” by the Crown Heights Affair).

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