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We are distributors for a range of SAFT sealed nickel cadmium battery packs suitable for many applications, including use as replacements in Dartpoint, Brooknes or SAFT Tripping Battery Units

“organized and operated in such a manner that the realization of profit by any participant is predicated upon the  exploitation of others who have virtually no chance of receiving a return on their investment and who had been induced to participate by misrepresentations as to potential earnings.”

This cold storage facility of 17100m2 will be built on one section of 70120m2 of land, allowing for future expansion.

The new 75,000 factory, which will be operated by the AMCO Saft India Limited joint venture, will produce state-of-the-art, nickel-based, rechargeable batteries, effectively doubling Saft’s local production capacity for industrial battery systems. This additional capacity will enable Saft to address the growing demand for energy storage to support mega power plants and photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy schemes, as well as meeting the back-up power needs of defense and oil and gas industry customers.

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