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prophylaxis pro·phy·lax·is (prō'fə-lāk'sĭs, prŏf'ə-)
n. pl. pro·phy·lax·es (-lāk'sēz')
Prevention of or protective treatment for disease.

In the end, the experience inspired in me a distaste for the whole CrossOver Festival, and I resolved to refuse the assignment. I withdrew.

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Ovule develops as primordium and then mound of nu­cellus over placenta. Initials of integuments develop from its base. They grow and come to surround the nucellus on all sides except at the tip or micropylar region. In the hypoder- mal region of nucellus towards the micropylar end develops a primary archesporial cell. It grows in size and develops a prominent nucleus.

6601 Crawling Chaos - The Gas Chair
6602 Gilbert And Lewis - Mzui
6603 Sex Pistols - The Heyday
6604 23 Skidoo - The Culling Is Coming
6605 Royal Family & the Poor - In The Sea Of E
6606 Crawling Chaos - Homunculus Equinox
6607 Royal Family & the Poor - North-West Soul
6608 Royal Family & the Poor - Temple of the 13th Tribe
6609 Minimal Man - The Shroud Of
6610 Dead Cowboys - Twin Evil Stars
6611 Royal Family & the Poor - We Love The Moon
6612 Birth Control - Backdoor Possibilities + Sartory Live
6613 Benny Profane - Trapdoor Swing + Dumb Luck Charm
6614 Spherical Objects - Past & Parcel + Elliptical Optimism
6615 The Noyes Brothers - Sheep From Goats (2CD)
6616 Spherical Objects - Further Ellipses + No Man's Land
6617 Grow Up - The Best Thing + Without Wings (2CD)
6618 Bernard Szajner - Superficial Music
6620 Bernard Szajner - Some Deaths Take Forever
6621 Steve Miro - Rude Intrusions / Second Sentence / Trilemna
6622 Zeus B. Held - Voice Versa
6623 Zeus B. Held - Zeus' Amusement (download only)
6624 Zeus B. Held - Europium (download only)
6625 Zeus B. Held - Attack Time (download only)
6626 The Primevals - Eternal Hotfire
6627 Brightside - Snakes and Ladders (download only)
6628 Brightside - Slide and Dive (download only)
6629 Brightside - Shinjuku Junction (download only)
6630 John Dowie - An Arc of Hives
6633 The Primevals - Sound Hole (2CD)

The Passage DegeneratesThe Passage DegeneratesThe Passage DegeneratesThe Passage Degenerates