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There were many who found Jones’ teachings and the church community supportive, but not everyone took the huge step of membership. Those who did, however, made great sacrifices for this status, and some former members have noted that the initiation into the Temple was quite severe (Steel, 4). They received “room, board, and a $2 a week allowance” in exchange for their membership (Steel, 7). The members “pooled their incomes and turned their property over to the Peoples Temple to be sold” as well as relinquished any affiliations they had with their biological family in exchange for their new family, the other members of the Temple (Steel, 7). Deborah Layton, a former Temple member and escapee from Jonestown said this about Jones’ increasing demand for commitment from the members: “As Father’s influence increased, the members became unwitting pawns in his quest for more and more personal power” (Layton, 65). The deeper one got into the “family,” the more was expected of their commitment. Although the things that these people did may seem unbelievable to us, their stories demonstrate the price humans are willing to pay for an “atmosphere of love, trust and social concern” (McCormick Maaga,10).

I have just read this nd the symptons you describe are spot on although I could add to he list. But I am still so shocked at the effect it has had in so short amount of time…..I smoked for 35 years a ever had any withdrawal symptons but this is absolute hell. X

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It’s something we will encounter at least once in our lives as dog owners, and in my opinion (possibly because of a cultural heritage that associates food with ...

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Need Let Them Eat Valium SeductionNeed Let Them Eat Valium SeductionNeed Let Them Eat Valium SeductionNeed Let Them Eat Valium Seduction